13 days after Hashtag Franco's death, Tom Doromal returns to social media, posts last photo with Franco

Hashtag Tom Doromal is finally back on Twitter and Instagram, 13 days after the tragic incident that claimed the precious life of his fellow Hashtags member Franco Hernandez.

Just this evening, Tom made an update in his social media accounts by sharing a shirtless photo of him with Franco while they were at the beach. It's one of Tom's last pictures with Franco during their vacation in Davao before the latter drowned and died.

Frankie.. sobrang mahal kita bro. Alam mo yan. 👊🏻

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Since Franco passed away, Tom took a break from It's Showtime and from his social media accounts, and was only seen getting interviewed by Korina Sanchez on Rated K last Sunday.

Of all the Hashtags members, it was Tom who felt the worst pain of losing Franco since he was with him when it happened. It must have been very traumatic and the fans had been worrying about him.

I'm glad that he's back, even though I can sense in his caption to the picture that he's still coping with the loss, and is missing Franco a lot (just like everyone else from Hashtags).

"Stay strong, Tom!", "Don't blame yourself,", "Keep fighting", "Andito lang kaming fans mo" are just some of the words of comfort the fans have posted for Tom after he uploaded the picture.

Tom has also reported back to his work on It's Showtime today and was seen playing during Cash-Ya! segment. - Mykiru.ph

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