'Unexpectedly Yours', ShaBin-JoshLia movie, scores big box-office numbers

The box-office results are in for the ShaBin-JoshLia movie 'Unexpectedly Yours'.

The movie, which stars Sharon Cuneta, Robin Padilla, Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, has scored a strong opening day numbers yesterday, November 29, 2017. According to producer Star Cinema, it generated a first day gross of P14-million.

That's in line with the opening of Kim Chiu's 'The Ghost Bride', which had P14.3M opening earlier this month, and last year's JoChard-JodIan film 'My Achy Breaky Hearts', also with P14M.

'Unexpectedly Yours' was expected to collect much more earnings during its 2nd Day, November 30, which was both a payday and a holiday (Bonifacio Day). It's playing in over 200 cinemas in the country, even with strong competitions from Hollywood ('Justice League', 'Coco', 'Wonder').

After 3 days, 'Unexpectedly Yours' already has over P50-million and might hit the P100M mark by Monday or Tuesday.

Congrats ShaBin, JoshLia and of course, to Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina, her 3rd boxoffice hit this 2017 and her 2nd this last quarter alone! (Direk Cathy's 'Seven Sundays' released just last October finished with P271M worldwide.) - Mykiru.ph

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