Meteor Garden 2018 Remake: Meet the new F4 and San Chai!

Meteor Garden remake in Taiwan is coming in 2018! Are you guys excited? You should be, as the new Flower 4 Boys or F4 and their leading lady are all so adorable.

Yeah, it's hard to match the original F4 (Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu) who were phenomenal, amazing, and made us all crazy over them 16 years ago, but these fresh faces portraying the new F4 will make sure they're also worthy of our As: attention, admiration, affection and adoration.

I think they already captured everyone's hearts the moment their pictures together were released by the Taiwanese magazine publications Harper's BAZAAR and Men's Uno as the confirmed lead stars of Meteor Garden 2018 remake. 

The millennial F4 is composed of:

Dylan Wang as Dao Ming Si (the youngest, only 19)

Darren Cheng aka Guan Hong as Hua Ze Lei (21 years old)

Connor Leong aka Liang Jing Kang as Mei Zhou (23y.o.)

and Caesar Wu aka Wu Xi Zhe as Xi Men (21).

The new San Cai meanwhile will be the 20-year-old pretty Chinese actress Shen Yue.

Barbie Hsu, the original San Chai, is very supportive of the Meteor Garden remake. She even posted pics of the old and new cast in her Instagram account.

It will be the 4th time that the Japanese manga series will be adapted into a TV drama series. The first three were in 2001 (Taiwan), 2005 (Japan) and 2009 (Korea).

Taiwan's Meteor Garden 2018 remake will also be shown here in the Philippines via ABS-CBN, the same network that aired the original version in 2003. -

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