Fantastic Four Trailer #2 finally arrives

'Fantastic Four 2015' newest official trailer is now up online.

20th Century Fox has released today the 2nd and final official trailer of "Fantastic Four r" 2015 and I find it awesome (though many find it not so fantastic). Watch!

Can't wait to watch it this August! In the US, 'Fantastic Four' is opening in theaters on August 7 (Friday), while here in the Philippines, it's opening 2 days ahead, August 5 (Wednesday).

8 years after the last 'Fantastic Four' movie which starred Jessica Alba and Chris Evans (now very popular as Captain America), a new 'Fantastic Four' movie is coming to theaters. It stars Hollywood's rising stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell.

I'm most familiar with Miles Teller, who played the supporting role of Peter Hayes in the Divergent series. In Fantastic Four, he's now the lead star, portraying Reed Richards or Mr. Fantastic. -

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