PBB 737 4th Nomination Night: Jimboy helps Kyle to get saved from nomination

Pinoy Big Brother PBB 737 4th Nomination Night has just been held. And the nominated housemates are Ylona Garcia (for the 3rd straight week), Kamille Filoteo (for the 2nd consecutive time) and Kenzo Gutierrez (for the 1st time).

It's gonna be a crucial week for the controversial KAMZO and by Friday next week, during the 4th Eviction Night, it's either one of them will get evicted or both will stay, if Ylona is the one getting evicted.

The selection of nominees this week was different from the past 3 weeks. Those who lost during the PINASaya challenges, such as Ylona, Kamille, Kenzo, Bailey May and Kyle Secades were automatically nominated for eviction, while Jimboy Martin, Zonia Mejia and Franco Rodriguez, as the challenge winners, were automatically safe from the nomination.

Kuya also gave Jimboy, Zonia and Franco the special power of saving one between Ylona and Bailey (since they're the runners-up from the PINASaya challenges), and they chose to save Bailey, for the reason that the Fil-Brit housemate has improved a lot and has shown maturity inside the house the past week.

The other 4 (Kyle, Kamille, Kenzo and Ylona) had to go through the LigTASK challenge to save himself or herself from being OFFICIALLY nominated with the help of a partner coming from the SAFE housemates.

Kamille picked Franco to be her partner, Kenzo chose Bailey while Ylona selected Zonia. Kyle chose Jimboy, because according to him, Jimboy is "madiskarte at walang arte", which proved to be true, as their tandem won the said LigTask challenge, and Kyle got saved from being nominated this week.

Jimboy helps Kyle to get saved from being one of the official nominees (credit to @pbbabscbn)

Therefore, the only 3 official nominees this week are Ylona, Kenzo and Kamille.j
Meanwhile, it was already officially announced that 4 more housemates will be evicted before the Big 4 are revealed. Host Toni Gonzaga also infwormed the viewers that by the time the Big 4 are revealed, we shall know the meaning of "3" in PBB 737. During the premiere of the show, the first "7" was already revealed as "7 weeks" - pertaining to the number of weeks the teen housemates will be staying inside the house.

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