Jiro Manio homeless? 'Magnifico' seeks shelter at airport, needs help!

"Si Jiro Manio, kawawa naman."

That's how most people reacted to the news about Jiro Manio being 'homeless', and seen wandering at the airport for 3 days now, begging for food, as first reported yesterday by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Photos of the multi-awarded former child star from the NAIA Terminal 3, lookin' kinda miserable, have been posted by PDI in its official FB Page, and later went viral online, as netizens show sympathy to him. You can read comments like "Sayang si Jiro!", "Kawawa naman si Jiro" or "Drugs really destroy lives."

As a child actor, Jiro Manio is best known as the lead star of the
internationally-acclaimed 2003 film 'Magnifico', which gave him
numerous acting awards, and as one of Ai-Ai delas Alas' son in the
'Tanging Ina' series. I also remember him as Coco Martin's brother in
the 2007 indie movie 'Tambolista' and Kim Chiu's brother in the hit
2009 soap 'Tayong Dalawa'.

Now 23 years old, Jiro Manio apparently didn't have the bright future
we thought he would have. And it's probably because of "drugs".

It was reported before that Jiro, who's now a father of 2, has been
put in rehab twice already.

The news flash of ABS-CBN late last night reported that the airport
security has taken him in its custody and that his family will already
fetch him at the airport. But the family is asking for financial help
as they plan to put Jiro into mental care, the report further said.

That's sad. If I only have the power and the money to help him out,
but maybe, prayers are all I can give. Or perhaps, those famous stars
he once worked with could also offer some help, before it's late. He
still deserves another chance.

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