PBB 737: Jimboy Martin is nicest housemate, 4 nominees announced!

PBB 737 3rd Nomination Night revealed the 3rd set of nominees who are in danger of getting evicted from the Big Brother house.

Unlike the previous 2 nomination nights, the nomination process earlier was a different but very interesting one. Instead of nominating who they want to get evicted, the 9 remaining housemates assigned points this time to those who they want to be with or to stay longer inside the house.

The housemates who will be part of the 3 LOWEST number of votes will make this week's set of nominees.

Getting the HIGHEST number of votes meanwhile was Nueva Vizcaya's bet Jimboy Martin, with 9 points, followed by commercial model Kyle Secades (7 points).

WHO NOMINATED WHO: (Housemates nominated those who they want to stay)
ZONIA - 2 pts Kyle, 1 pt Kamille
KYLE - 2 pts Jimboy, 1 pt Franco
RYAN - 2 pts Jimboy, 1 pt Kyle
BAILEY - 2 pts Kenzo, 1 pt Franco
FRANCO - 2 pts Jimboy, 1 pt Ryan
YLONA - 2 pts Kyle, 1 Ryan
JIMBOY - 2 pts Franco, 1 pt Kyle
KAMILLE - 2 pts Kenzo, 1 pt Jimboy
KENZO - 2 pts Jimboy, 1 pt Kyle

PBB 737 3rd Nomination Night - Nominations Tally (credit to @PBBabscbn)

Ryan, Kamille, Zonia, Ylona and Bailey got the 3 lowest number of votes, and after going through the Lig-Task challenge, Bailey escaped from being officially nominated again. Thus, the official nominees for this week are Kamille and for the 2nd straight week - Ryan, Ylona and Zonia.

Who are you voting for? To vote, just text: BB and send it 2366.

Can we officially name Jimboy Martin as the nicest housemate so far of Pinoy Big Brother 737 after the nomination earlier?

5 of the housemates voted for him to stay longer inside the house, and they are Kyle, Ryan Bacalla, Franco Rodriguez, Kenzo Gutierrez and Kamille Filoteo. According to them, Jimboy "has positive attitude", "magalang", "madaling pakisamahan", "walang masamang ginagawa", "has very positive outlook in life", "humble", "isang inspirasyon" and "lumalaban para sa pamilya".

It seems like Jimboy is now a strong contender to make it to the Big Night and could become the Big Winner after hearing those extremely positive comments from his fellow housemates, and after he was put on spotlight this week for doing a special task for his father.

Jimboy Martin with his father, Tatay Henry (via Jimboy's FB Page)

via @PBBabscbn

The past week, Jimboy has endeared himself more to PBB viewers after doing the 4-day "pangangalakal" special task, so he could win a brand new tricycle for his father, Daddy Henry. - Mykiru.ph

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