Meet Miranda Alvarez - PBB's Kenzo Gutierrez' girlfriend before Kamille Filoteo and after Julia Barretto

The colorful lovelife of Pinoy Big Brother 737 housemate Kenzo Gutierrez is the one creating more buzz while he is inside the house, instead of other significant things about him, such as he being an athlete and an Atenista.

The moment Kenzo entered the PBB house, news about actress Julia Barretto as his former "ka-MU" quickly conquered the web after it was first blogged here on (Read: Pinoy Big Brother 737 housemate Kenzo Gutierrez is Julia Barretto's "ex")

During a convo with fellow housemate Jimboy Martin, Kenzo admitted he and Julia indeed had mutual understanding before. (Read: Kenzo Gutierrez admits "MU" with Julia Barretto during convo with Jimboy on PBB 737)

Kenzo's brief bromance with Bailey May also put him in news headlines, and now, he's stirring up controversy again because of his extra sweetness to another housemate, Kamille Filoteo, who happens to be a teenage mom still in a relationship with her baby's father (named Justin Eugenio).

Kenzo's father Francis entered the house, and was instructed by Kuya to talk to his son about his blossoming romance with Kamille. I loved the way how Kenzo's dad reminded him about the right thing to do, which is to don't get involved with whatever relationship problems Kamille and Justin were having.

"Parang di maayos pagtreat sa kanya," Kenzo told Daddy Francis about Kamille and Justin.

The father's response was: "Sa kin lang anak ha, bilang isang ama, pangit kasi yung nandidito ka sa loob, tapos syempre, parang hindi nga naman pantay ang kwan ko. Hayaan mo na, pabayaan mo munang mag-usap yung mga yun. Personal nilang relasyon yun anak, don't get involved. And don't assume. Di ba that came from Kamille. Because you also have to hear the side of the guy. OKay anak? Bigyan mo naman ng kwan sarili mo. Ayoko namang may masabi mga tao. I mean, I will defend you being sweet, but going beyond that is unacceptable. Promise anak ha?"

Well said Daddy Francis!

Before talking to Kenzo, Daddy Francis already shared to Big Brother about Kenzo's ex-girlfriend named Miranda Alvarez, and he believes that his son's heart still belongs to her and not to Kamille, for he hasn't fully recovered yet from their breakup.

Daddy Francis: "Bago po siya pumasok sa PBB, may bilin po siya sa 'kin. Sabi nya po sa kin, wag ko daw po kakalimutan, papadalhan ko daw pong bulaklak si Miranda every month."

I got some pictures of Kenzo Gutierrez and former girlfriend Miranda Alvarez: Look!

After that father-and-son talk between Kenzo and Daddy Francis, we shall see if Kenzo will obey his dad and stop already from getting sweet with Kamille, or he won't obey and instead, will cultivate even more whatever feeling he has for Kamille.

About Kenzo's ex-gf Miranda, she's from La Salle and was in a relationship with Kenzo for 2 years. -

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