Pinoy Big Brother: Bailey May's shocking question to Barbie Imperial

Pinoy Big Brother PBB 737 just had its first SPG-labeled episode, and it's because of Bailey May's extremely shocking question to Barbie Imperial.

What did Bailey ask, that offended his fellow housemate?

Bailey May and Barbie Imperial
Barbie and Bailey #BarLey (credit to @imbaileymay)

The 12-year-old Fil-Brit stunner who grew up in the UK was a curious kid, asking something from the 16-year-old girl who happens to be the one he likes a lot inside the house. Since Barbie already had 5 boyfriends, Bailey was wondering if she already "did it" or if she haven't yet by asking this shocking question: "Are you a virgin?"

Oh no! That really shocked me, especially that Bailey is only 12 years old, too young to be thinking about that. But if you get to know why he asked that, you'll probably understand. The way he asked it though was totally wrong, and very offensive to Barbie, and to every Filipina girl out there - whether she's a v-rg-n not.

At the confession room, Bailey told Big Brother that it was a question that people from the UK would take as a joke or would take differently. "I just wanted to know, since
she had 5 bfs already, if she's a decent girl who would wait after marriage or not," said Bailey.

You got a point there Bailey. I actually get it why he sudddenly became curious about it 'coz Barbie kinda showed she's "easy" when she's also responding to Bailey's affection towards her, even if they just met him inside the house or have known each other for only a week or two.

But as what Kuya said, there was something wrong in the way he asked Barbie, and it's not being "maginoo" to the girl he considers as special to him.

Barbie, on one hand, confessd to Kuya that she really got offended. For the record, she answered "YES" to Bailey's question, but it was a too personal one she was uneasy to talk about. "Nakakabastos po siya Kuya, para sa isang dalagang Pilipino," she said.

Both sides were heard. What's your thought on this?

Tomorrow is PBB 737 1st Eviction Night, and it's interesting to know who will get evicted: the 12-year-old boy who asked if she's a v-rg-n, or the 16-year-old girl who was asked if she still belongs to the V club after having 5 boyfriends?

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