The Voice Philippines 2 Live Shows, Jan. 24: The 5 Best Performances

The Voice Philippines Season 2's 1st ever live show was aired last night, January 24, 2014, on ABS-CBN. Who performed the best?

There were 12 performances (3 from each team):

Monique Lualhati, Poppert Bernadas and Jason Fernandez from Team Sarah Geronimo
Daryl Ong, Ferns Tosco and Suy Galvez from Team Apl
Rita Martinez, Kai Honasan and Karlo Mojica from Team Bamboo
Leah Patricio, Nino Alejandro and Abbey Pineda from Team Lea

Most of them were vocally good last night, but bad song choices kinda made some of the performances boring. It wasn't hard for me though to pick the best last night, and that was Leah Patricio's awesome performance of "Queen of the Night" She seems to be miles ahead of the other finalists, at least on this 1st Live Show of The Voice Philippines Season 2.

My 2nd Best was that of Jason Fernandez ('Hanggang'). Though some didn't like it for he sounded like the original singer of the song (Wency Cornejo), I actually loved it, and so amazed by the fact that Jason F can also be good in singing a ballad, other than just singing rock songs. He truly is a well-rounded artist.

And finally, my 3rd Best was surprisingly Suy Galvez's performance of Jason Mraz hit "I Won't Give Up". I felt her "never gonna give up" attitude in there, especially that she's just a stolen artist of Coach Apl from Kamp Kawayan. Plus, she was one hot mama in her outfit, that even coach Lea had to praise her look first. "Una, ang ganda mo, ang ganda ng leg' mo," she said.

As for my 4th and 5th Best, I had a hard time picking among Daryl Ong ('Let's Stay Together'), Monique Lualhati ('Maging Sino Ka Man') and Kai Honasan ('Blank Space'). Yeah, Kai, not that I'm afraid of her father, Senator Gringo Honasan, who was at the audience lookin' sincerely supportive to his daughter. So maybe I'll just rank Daryl in 4th and have Monique and Kai tie in 5th.

As announced, 8 from the 12 artists who performed last night will advance to the next round. In each team, the one who topped the public voting will advance (to vote, just type VOICE<space>name of artist and send it to 2331/231) and the coach will save one from the remaining 2.

Here's how I predict tonight's results of The Voice Philippines Season 2 1st Live Show:

TEAM SARAH - Jason F might top the voting, Coach Sarah might pick Monique over Poppert
TEAM LEA - Leah might top the voting, Coach Lea might still pick Nino over Abbey
TEAM BAMBOO - Kai might top the voting (and again, not that I'm afraid of Sen. Gringo okay??), Coach Bamboo might pick Karlo over Rita
TEAM APL - Daryl might top the voting, Coach Bamboo might pick Suy over Ferns

What do you guys think of my predictions? -

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