Mary Jean Lastimosa fails, but Manny Pacquiao 'makes it' to Miss Universe 2014 Top 5

Mary Jean Lastimosa didn't make it to the Miss Universe 2014 Top 5. But Manny Pacquiao did@

Despite Manny Pacquiao sitting as among the judges, Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa was unable to reach Top 5 and continue the Philippines' 4-year streak of being part of the final 5 girls (and the blaming game might start very soon, be ready for it, Read: Mary Jean Lastimosa Ms U Gown, Costume: Madame Stella Araneta makes controversial statement).

Can we blame MJ Lastimosa 's kinda awful gown for her non-inclusion in the Top 5?

Since 2010, Philippine candidates to Miss Universe such as Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup, Janine Tugonon and Ariella Arida consecutively finished in the Top 5 or among the runners-up. But at least, MJ didn't break the semi-final streak for our country in Miss Universe as it's now the 5th consecutive year that the Philippines made it to the semis of the pageant.

Mary Jean Lastimosa when she was called as among the Top 10 semi-finalists (HO/Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP)

5 of the Top 10 semi-finalists, including Miss Philippines (via Miss Universe FB Page)

It was a job well done, MJ! And you still made us so proud!

The candidates who made it to the Top 5 were Miss USA Nia Sanchez, Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell, Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen, Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha and Miss Colombia Paulina Vega, who was eventually was named the winner.

The Miss Universe 2014 official Top 5 finalists

I just don't know if this will make you happy, but it was Manny Pacquiao who made it to the Top 5. Yeah, he's got longer screen time among the juges, when he was the one who got picked first to ask a question one of the Top 5 finalists.

As shown in the video by Jhukek Jeagerjaques, Manny Pacquiao asked Miss USA with the question: "If you were given 30 seconds to deliver a message to a global terrorist, what would you say?" -

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