Miss Universe 2014 Live Updates of the Final Results

Miss Universe 2014 Live Updates from the coronation night are posted on this page.

88 candidates compete for the Miss Universe 2014 title at the jampacked FIU Arena in Florida, USA: 15 of them are called as semi-finalists, then trimmed down to 10 after going through the swimsuit competition. Evening Gown competition comes next, and from 10, the candidates are down to just 5, who will take part in the final Question and Answer Portion or Q&A (with a common question) and one of them will be crowned Miss Universe 2014.

As stated in my previous blog post (Miss Universe 2014 Winner and Results Predictions), my Top 15 favorites are Misses Colombia, Paulina Vega; USA, Nia Sanchez; Jamaica, Kaci Fennell; Ukraine, Diana Harkusha; Mexico, Josselyn Garciglia; India, Noyonita Lodh; Spain, Desirée Cordero; Philippines, Mary Jean Lastimosa; Venezuela, Migbelis Lynette Castellanos; Argentina, Valentina Ferrer; Brazil, Melissa Gurgel; Dominican Republic, Kimberly Castillo; Australia, Tegan Martin; Indonesia, Elvira Devinamira and Guyana, Niketa Barker.

Performers include Nick Jonas and Prince Royce. Please bookmark and refresh this page for real-time live blog updates.

- And the show has started...

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Here's Manny Pacquiao when he was introduced as one of the judges.... Proud Pinoy here!!!

- The official Top 15 semi-finalists are announced in this order:


Sadly, no one from Africa has made the cut.

Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa during the Top 15 announcement

This blog got 12 out of the Top 15. Oh my G!!! How great is that? The 3 who didn't make it were Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Guyana and shockingly, Miss Mexico. And instead, the candidates from Italy, Netherlands and France were the ones who made it.

- After the Swimsuit Competition...the Top 10 are announced. They are: Jamaica, Colombia, Ukraine, Argentina, Philippines, Spain, Netherlands, Venezuela, Australia and USA.

So I got 8 out 10. Miss India sadly stopped in the Top 15. This leaves Miss Philippines as the only Asian candidate in the Top 10.

- Special awards were handed out: Nigeria's Queen Celestine wins Miss Congeniality, Puerto Rico's Gabriela Berrios is Miss Photogenic, Indonesia's Elvira Devinamira wins Best National Costume

- Based on the scores they got from the Evening Gown competition: The Top 5 Finalists are: USA, Netherlands, Ukraine, Jamaica, Colombia. No Miss Philippines. :-(

I got 4 out of the 5. Netherlands has surprisingly reached this far.

- Top 5 casual interview now. Pacquiao asked the 1st Question and it was for Miss USA.

- The Final Q&A round. All 5 finalists had to answer just 1 same question.

- And the official results: 4th Runner Up is Jamaica, 3rd Runner Up is Netherlands, 2nd Runner Up is Ukraine, 1st Runner Up is USA and Miss Universe is COLOMBIA!!!! Obviously, I got the Top 2 so correct!

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