Philippines' Performance in Beauty Pageants: 3 winners, 7 runners-up in 2014

Before we move on to the Miss Universe 2014/15 pageant, the 1st major pageant happening this 2015, let's have a recap first of the Philippines' performance in international beauty pageants in 2014.

The Philippines was the top-performing country in 2013 beauty pageants, when Filipino candidates won Miss World, Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss Tourism International, Miss Teen Expoworld Universe and Miss Campus World, as well as runner-up placements in Miss Universe, Miss Intercontinental, Mister International, Miss Grand International, Mister Campus World and Mr. Asia Contest.

2014 though wasn't a great year for the Philippines in the beauty pageant scene, especially when compared to its candidates' performances in 2012 and 2013.

But not that bad, either. It won the titles Miss Earth (at home), Miss Heritage and Starz Hunk International, and finished as one of the runners-up in Miss Intercontinental, Miss Tourism International, Miss ASEAN, Miss Global, Mister Model International, Miss Asia Pacific World and Mister Global.

Here are the Philippine candidates who won or placed in various international pageants in the year 2014:

Jamie Herrell, Odessa Mae Tadaya and JM Sunglao (credit to Carousel Productions, Miss Heritage Organisation, Essential Secrets)

Jamie Herrell - winner at Miss Earth 2014 held in Manila, Philippines last November 29. (Read: Miss Earth 2014 Controversies: Philippines as winner, Brazil's interpreter)

Odessa Mae Tadaya - winner and also People's Choice at Miss Heritage 2014 held in Johannesburg, South Africa last December 20.

Jerwin Mark Sunglao - winner and also Mr. Popularity at Starz Hunk International 2014 held in Singapore last November 22.

Ferina de Paz - 1st runner-up at Miss ASEAN 2014 held in Chang Rai, Thailand last December 30.

Kris Tiffany Janson - 2nd runner-up and also Miss Intercontinental Asia & Oceania, Miss Photogenic at Miss Intercontinental 2014 held in Magdeburg, Germany last December 4. (Read: Kris Tiffany Janson - Miss Intercontinental 2014 rightful winner, and not Miss Thailand?)

Glennifer Perido - 2nd runner-up or Miss Tourism Metropolitan and also Miss Popularity at Miss Tourism International 2014 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last December 31.

Catherine Marie Almirante - 2nd runner-up and also Best in Long Gown, Best National Costume and Miss Fashion at Miss Global 2014 held in Mexico last December 19.

Hillarie Daniel Parungao - 3rd runner-up and also Best National Costume at Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 held in Seoul, South Korea last May 31.

Adam Rhys Davies - 3rd runner-up and also Mister Sports at Mister Model International 2014 held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic last December 7.

Wilfred Placencia - 4th runner-up at Mister Global 2014 held in Pak Chong, Thailand last March 27.

Erwin Mateo Trinidad - Top 9 semi-finalist at Mister Tourism International 2014 held in Panama City, Panama last May 31.

Hemilyn Escudero - Top 10 semi-finalist and also Best in Talent at Mrs. Universe 2014 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last August 29.

Randolph Val Palma - Top 10 semi-finalist at Mr. Gay World 2014 held in Rome, Italy last August 31.

Kim Marie Villagalano - Top 10 semi-finalist at Miss Tourism Queen International 2014 held in Pattaya, Thailand last November 7.

Yvethe Marie Santiago - Top 20 quarter-finalist at Miss Supranational 2014 held in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland last December 5. (Read: Miss Supranational 2014 winner crowned! It's a back-to-back!)

Valerie Weigmann - Top 25 quarter-finalist at Miss World 2014 held in Londong, England last December 13.

Cindy Madduma - Special awardee (Best in Evening Gown) at Miss Tourism World 2014 held in Lara, Venezuela last December 10.

Mark Glenn Del Rosario - Special awardee (Best National Costume) at Men Universe Model 2014 held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic last June 10.

Maria Benjieleen Nama - Special awardee (Youtube vote) at World Miss University 2014 held in Seoul, South Korea last January 25.

AJ Dais - Special awardee (Mr. Popularity - Social Media Voting) at Starz Hunk International 2014 held in Singapore last November 22.

Yhen Diaz - Special awardee (Miss Social Network) at Miss ASEAN 2014 held in Chang Rai, Thailand last December 30.

And which country had the best performance and defeated the Philippines as the #1 top-performing country in 2014? It's also from Asia - Thailand, which had an amazing year and was surprisingly the top-performing country of 2014, not only in Asia, but in the world.

Thai beauties won the titles Miss Intercontinental, though it was a questionable win, and Miss ASEAN, which was a hometown win. Just like in 2013, Venezuela was once again the 2nd top-performing country in 2014.

Winner at Miss Intercontinental
Winner at Miss ASEAN
Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International (1st Runner Up) at Miss Tourism International
1st RU at Miss Supranational
1st RU, Best National Costume and Miss Photogenic at Miss International Queen
2nd RU at Miss International
6th RU at Miss Asia Pacific World
Top 8 at Mister Global
Top 10 and Best in Swimsuit at Miss Grand International
Top 10 and Miss Friendship at Mrs. Universe
Top 11 and People's Choice at Miss World
Top 14 at Miss Chinese International
Top 16 at Miss Earth

Winner and Best in Evening Gown at Miss Tourism Queen International
Winner at Miss Tourism International
Winner at Miss Tourism Universe
Winner at Miss Tourism Planet
Winner at Miss Teen Earth
Vice Queen (2nd) at Miss United Continents
1st RU at Men Universe Model
Miss Water (2nd Runner Up) at Miss Earth
2nd RU and Best Catwalk at Mister Tourism International
4th RU at Miss World Next Top Model
Top 5 at Mr. Gay World
Top 15 and Best Hair at Miss Tourism World
Top 20 at Miss Grand International

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