Miss Universe 2014 Live Q and A: Mary Jean Lastimosa answers rumored rift with Miss Colombia

Miss Universe 2014 Live Q and A with Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa has just concluded.

MJ Lastimosa answered questions from fans around the globe in the live Q&A event conducted earlier in the official Miss Universe Facebook Page. Candidates from Myanmar (Sharr Htut Eaindra) and Venezuela (Migbelis Lynette Castellanos) already had their live Q and A prior to Miss Philippines.

Mary Jean Lastimosa during the Miss Universe Live Q and A (credit to MUO)

MJ received hundreds of questions, but answered only a few of them due to limited time. She was able to answer questions about her favorite Britney Spears, about Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines, who her friends are among the candidates, her strongest competitors, what she thinks of Miss Venezuela, the gown she's wearing during the preliminary event or in the finals, and if there's any truth to her rumored rift with Miss Colombia Paulina Vega.

There were also a bunch of queries we usually hear being asked in beauty pageants, like for example about plastic surgery, the role women play in the society, what she's gonna do first if she wins Miss Universe 2014, the meaning of true beauty, relevance of pageants etc.

I have re-posted here some of the questions and MJ's answers. It will take much time, but worth-reading.

Fauzy Irwansyah: "What do you think about fake beauty/plastic surgery in pageants?"
MJ: "it's the beauty of science and technology, the world that we are in today, if it doesn't hurt your bank account but boosts your self esteem by all your rights go for it."

Paul Spears: "If you would be given a chance to speak with Britney Spears, what would you tell her?"
MJ: "that i have 3 posters with printed lyrics on it on my wall when i was in gradeschool to high school hahaha, i love her!"

Jhoa Riera: "What can you say about Miss Venezuela?"
MJ: "she is sooooo bubbly i love her laugh its very contagious encantaaaaaa venezuelaaaaa"

Francis Estares: "For you what is the meaning of true beauty?"
MJ: "i try to live it day by day, true beauty is when you can share love and laughter sincerely, true beauty is rather felt than seen"

Encik Arif: "If u have the chance to pick one finalist to be with u in the final two, who would she be and why?"
MJ: "i have soooo many friends here its so hard to pick but i might pick kenya hahaha i love her so much"

Shifukato Mendoza: "How can you handle if you didn't make it to the top 16?
MJ: "if i win im a hero if not then it's my destiny, I joined miss philippines 3 times, failure taught me a lot, to be humble and practice acceptance, God has always a better plan for us"

Aira Elusive Chanteuse: "who's your closest candidate name at least 2 pls! are you wearing barraza gown? what color?"
MJ: "secret secret. i have so many close friends here, myanmar, kenya, tanzania, gana, india, honduras, austria, guam, usa autralia wait i cant recall everyone i dont want to upset my other close girls hahaha"

Christian Makasiar Gonzales: "what will you do if you take home the crown?"
MJ: "bring it to baclaran, i prayed so much for it, i will thank God first and foremost"

Hazel Malonzo: "We all know MJ that you're the most bashed and controversial candidate in MU. My question is how do you deal with bashers and criticisms?"
MJ: "uhmmm its ok you know the yin and yang there's always a good and bad in this world but what matters is what you think of yourself and how you react on it, well i guess im a great person and my family and friends can attest to that, so i have no worries hehe"

Marky Bartolo: "If you would be given a chance to speak with Pope Francis, what would you tell him?"
MJ: "im jealous i cant be there to witness a history happen but for sure the only thing that i could tell him is that Filipinos adores him so much, and that we are praying for him as much as he is praying for the world, and for the filipinos"

Audrey Lopez: "Miss Universe's rival pageant (Miss World) has recently announced their cancellation of swimsuit competition. Now my question is: How would you convince the world that the swimsuit competition is still significant in beauty pageants such as Miss Universe?"
MJ: "omg the feeling when you wear your swimsuit on stage is amaaaazing, coz you are there not because you wanted to be in a skimpy clothes but you are there to show that confidence can never be affected by the clothing you wear, and add to that the inspiration you create to men and women across the world, you will see the gym packed the next day for sure! fitspiration"

Cham Jasmin: "What role do you think should the 21st century women play in the society?"
MJ: "every year women are stepping up, both genders are at par this days, and now we can work hand in hand with men (no competitions) and nourish the society to make it a better place for everyone"

Raphy B. Yecyec: "i've heard an issue about you and Paulina Ms.Colombia.. is it true that u hate each other or there's a conflict between you and her? i'm just concern bcoz i love both of you and there is a posibility that you and paulina will be the last two standing this coming pageant night."
MJ: "hahahaa omg theres no hate happening between the candidates, and ohh thats a heavy word, i never hate, i can only love hehe. and i just greeted her happy birthday, shes nice to me"

킴졔군: "It seems like we're remain clueless of your wardrobe.,Please can you give us a clue/hint of what evening gown and national costume will you be wearing?"
MJ: "im clueless too haha, joke i want to surprise you guys.. little patience please.love yah"

Louis Winston de Mendoza: "Do you think the world will more peaceful if all nations were under one world government and there were no borders between countries? Why or why not?"
MJ: "no not at all, i love how we differ and compromise at the same time, we just have to realize that we can never shade the world with one color."

Argielou Azucena Flores: "What do you think is the biggest economical problem that a beauty queen like you can solve? And how?"
MJ: "i am no superhumann haha big economic problem can only be resolved by a society that is willing to cooperate, if we work together, helping each other all the issues will be nothing on us"

Charlie Rivera: "What is the relevance of the pageant in today's crisis?"
MJ: "despite the chaos around the world we get to sit down and realize that the world is still a beautiful place, that beauty can go a long way, that we can pursue our advocacies in life and touch more lives thru beauty pageants"- Mykiru.ph

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