Anthony Weiner lewd photos

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart has posted in one of his websites ( more Anthony Weiner lewd photos.

Three successive articles were posted in the said website on Monday morning, June 6, 2011, all containing photos which were believed to have been sent by New York City Rep. Anthony Weiner to an online playmate from Seattle.

The first post was titled "‘It’s Me’: Rep. Weiner Sends Playful Photo to New Friend" has a photo of Rep. Weiner holding a sheet of paper with the word "me" written on it and an arrow pointing to his face placed right above the word "me".

Then another photo was posted 2 hours later in his article entitled "‘Me and the pussys’: Weiner Sends Intimate Home Pic; Apparently Relishes Double Entendres, Too". Weiner is pictured here still with clothes on and with two pet cats on the background.

Three hours after, more Rep. Anthony Weiner lewd photos were uploaded on his post titled "Déjà Vu: Another Congressman Bares Naked Torso (and More) for Online Pal" and this time, Weiner is already shirtless plus an extra lewd photo of his bulging gray underwear.

According to Breitbart, the shirtless photo (as seen below) was sent by Weiner last May 20, 2011 via a Yahoo! email address to a young woman he met online. (ABC News has revealed the identity of the woman and she's reportedly named Meagan Broussard.)

Anthony Weiner lewd pictures, shirtless photo

The other shirtless pictures were grabbed from Weiner's Yahoo! profile.

Rep. Anthony Weiner's bulge photo, according to the website, was sent to the same woman last May 18.

On Monday afternoon, Rep. Anthony Weiner held a press conference ath the Sheraton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, New York and there Weiner admitted that he's the man in the lewd photos posted on Andrew Breitbart's website and that he was the one who publicly tweeted one photo on Twitter by mistake last Friday, June 1.

Weiner, 46, is married to Huma Abedin, an assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They got married only last July, that means they will be celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary in just a month from now and definitely, this Weiner's photo scandal is bringing so much pain for his wife.

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