Friendster Exporter App. extended until June 27

Friendster announced in April that it will have a grand make-over and advised its users to export their profile and photos until May 31.

A lot of Friendster users made a rush yesterday thinking it was already the last day of exporting their profile.

It's already June 1 and still we're seeing the same Friendster website, and that's because Friendster has extended its Exporter Application until June 27.

"The Exporter app will be available for an additional month, until June 27. If you need help on how to use the Exporter app, head over to the Friendster help page," says the Friendster Bulletin posted on Monday.

So if you haven't exported your profile and photos yet, you have 27 days more to do that.

When you start exporting your profile, you'll receive an e-mail notification which looks like this:

"Hurray! Your profile is ready for download!

Reminder: You now have full responsibility for this copy of your profile. We advise caution in saving, sending and uploading this file. Do not share to just anyone.
After 7 days, the download will no longer be available, but you can request a new one using the application.

Thank you for using Friendster!

Download Profile"

Who among you here has already exported his or her Friendster Profile? Was it hard? I actually find it hard to use the Exporter Application. I can't open the zip file provided by Friendster as I download my profile. Hope you guys won't experience the same.

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