"Dad Gets Embarrassed, Enters Daughter's Room" - a Facebook scam

Probably you guys have encountered already on your Facebook news feed the interesting headline "Dad Gets Embarrassed, Enters Daughter's Room" with the description: Girl was on webcam with her BF, doing Stuff!

It goes with a link to a blogspot url and when you click it, you'll see a Youtube video screenshot with a warning that the video is for 18 and above only.

There's an age verification, asking you to confirm if you're already 18 by clicking "Jaa" twice. Clicking Jaa once will open a Facebook sharer pop-up and the second click will automatically post the link on your Facebook walls, the same link that you saw it the first time on your Facebook friend's walls.

That means, clicking the link will just make "Dad Gets Embarrassed, Enters Daughter's Room" go viral on Facebook.

According to Scribbal.com, it's a new Facebook scam which will require you first to answer a survey before you can watch the video, when in fact, you can't actually find a video of such on the Blogspot blog provided.

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