Sarah Geronimo "Something New In My Life"

Even if Sarah Geronimo is not paired with John Lloyd Cruz in the latter's upcoming movie, the Pop Star Princess will still be part of it and is going to be a special treat to their fans.

As what has been revealed at, Sarah will sing the theme song of Star Cinema's upcoming film "In My Life" which stars Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano and of course John Lloyd Cruz.

The theme song is not the Beatle's song "In My Life" as previously reported, but it's a Stephen Bishop song entitled "Something New In My Life".

Beautiful song...

Here's the lyrics of "Something New In My Life" by Stephen Bishop now being revived by Sarah Geronimo for the movie "In My Life":

i guess i wanted something new in my life
a new key to fit a new door
to wake and see a different view in my life
the one i've been waiting for

dreams like everyone i've had a few in my life
who knew that this one would come true in my lfe
i knew the moment when you touched me
you touched me

you're like a sudden breeze that blew in my life
a new face, a new smile, new song
and now i know i wanted you in my life all along

i guess, i must have saved an empty place in my heart
for you to come and fill this space in my heart
that long before i said i loved you
i love you

whatever happens this is true in my life
when all the springs have come and gone
whatever dance i made or do in my life
whatever else that i may do in my life
you'll always be something new in my life
from now on

i know there always will be you in my life
from now on...

yeah... yeah.....yeah....


Back in 2005, an avid fan of Sarah was requesting on one forum if Sarah could revive "Something New In My Life". And now, after four years, his wish has finally been granted.


Martin Nievera and Karylle already had their own versions of "Something New In My Life" included as a track in one of their albums.

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