'Project Angels and Demons', how credible?

Katrina Halili's camp has shown to the public an audiotape containing a supposed-to-be private conversations of manager/host Lolit Solis, Dr. Hayden Kho Jr, Dra. Vicki Belo and their lawyers regarding the "sex video" controversy.

In the said audio recording, which has been tagged as "Project Angels and Demons" and has been taped last May, Lolit Solis, who was known to be very close friend of Hayden and Vicki, was instructing Hayden how he would project in front of the camera the moment he would issue his apology regarding the sex scandal with Katrina Halili, which Hayden did last May.

You can also hear there how and when Hayden would make a public apology ala Christopher De Leon, who is the country's Drama King.

It is of course a genuine audio tape, but it's not a credible evidence against Hayden and Vicki.

Katrina's lawyer said in an interview that they will use that tape as evidence in connection with the cases they filed against Hayden, Vicki and some others.

But the content of the audio tape is not directly pinpointing the Hayden & co. as the people behind the spreading of Hayden & Katrina sex video.

As what Atty. Adel Tamano, Vicki's lawyer, has pointed out before that Katrina's camp has the burden of proof to show sufficient evidence that his client is indeed the one who leaked the controversial sex tape.

"Project Angels and Demons" is obviously not a credible evidence against Hayden & co. It could help but not that much.

But it somehow shows that Lolit Solis is the real "Drama Queen".


Lolit Solis has already aired her side regarding the issue.

She did an interview with Mario Dumaual for ABS-CBN's TV Patrol World and there she expressed her disgust over the issue.

According to Lolit, she has been wondering why she's the one being dragged to the issue when in fact, she has nothing to do with Katrina making "patol" to Hayden, how the sex between them happened, how it was recorded and how it leaked to the public.

Lolit is a GMA 7 talent as one of the hosts of Startalk but she did not give an interview to 24 Oras yesterday.

24 Oras anchor Mike Enriquez said that they have been contacting Lolit for her statement but the host wasn't answering their calls. Why is that so?

But for sure, Lolit will have a lot more to say tomorrow on her show Startalk.


On SNN last night, Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda advised Katrina to choose her battles wisely, which is so true.

What she's fighting for is no longer clear.

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