Are You The Next Big Star's Alexa Ortega photo scandal

Just like Ramielle Malubay, a Fil-Am contestant in American Idol Season 7, Alexa Ortega, a finalist in Are You The Next Big Star? on GMA 7, has her own "lesbian photo scandal".

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19-year-old Alexa Ortega, who they say is a mix of Marian Rivera and Rachel Alejandro, is currently one of the Top 6 female finalists of Are You The Next Big Star?

She is also the sister of Star Magic Batch 16 member Cheska Ortega, who was last seen on ABS-CBN's I Love Betty La Fea as Sam Concepcion's girlfriend.


As what can you read on the comments section below, it seems like fans and supporters of Alexa Ortega are not ready for any controversies and issues like this.

But at least, they gave us an idea of what's really behind those pics.

According to them, Alexa Ortega was just having fun with her female friends and nothing more than that.

So that also answers the question if she's a lesbian and obviously she's not.

And also, the kissing pic turned out to be just a scene from a stage play done by Alexa, who happens to be a theater actress. (You can find that photo HERE). Thanks Google!

And of course, thanks to Alexa's fans for setting these things straight. Now we know, right?


Even the very decent KC Concepcion was once become a subject of a fake scandal like this one.

There was this "KC Concepcion Scandal" in some blogs wherein KC was also seen partying with friends, probably Italian friends, and was having a great time.

One photo shows KC drinking, the other one shows a guy kissing her and there's one where she was biting the tip of a cigarette.

And of course, fans also defended KC by saying that those were not really scandalous and she has the right to enjoy her life.

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  2. uhhh.. if she was a lesbo, which she isn't, i ThINK you'd find a picture of her ACTUALLY being intimate with a girl rather than just posting a bunch of pictures of her just being silly with friends, ThEN people would believe it.


    and besides, this post is as fake as the people who posted it :)

  3. Oh & did you know that she actually lived in California before? It just so happens that they dress like that for Halloween in America. Geez.

  4. she's a broadway actress....heard of the word "costume"?...
    ...and a NORMAL girl in her legal age to drink and have fun with her friends....

    ...well, thought this was a very interesting post/stuff...

    next time, get something real HOT stuff on people...ok?

  5. uhm, who post this?
    it's like you dont knot what you are talking about. he's a theater actress from the other country. the picture with the kissing scene, its taken from her stage play. and the other stuffs. what the hell. normal people do that.

    you're posting this kind of articles yet you're not sure with it you can be filed with a lawsuit you moron.

    and mind you. Check alexa's family background, you might not know who you're dealing with.

    Her family is from la union but she grew up in the states. Check how is she related with governor ortega of la union. let's see how u'll react.