Barack Obama loves to look at butts?

Does US President Barack Obama love to look at women's butts?

You can find these pictures anywhere on the web, wherein Obama was caught in two instances staring at someone else's butt.


The girl in the second photo is Mayora Taveres, a 16-year-old Brazilian girl and daughter of the President of Brazil.

Notice the guy beside Obama. He's French President Nicolas Sarkozy and is actually so into it too.

Well, it's a known fact that some men really do love looking at women's behinds, the same way some women also love to look at men's butts.

As long as Obama did not grab those tempting butts, there will be no problem I guess.

But that was not really the case for Obama.

A video on Youtube will show that it's not actually what happened.

Yun naman pala!

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