Hayden Kho was molested during his childhood

A shocking confession by the controversial Dr. Hayden Kho Jr...

Hayden Kho Jr, who earlier figured into a controversies after his private videos with several women have leaked online, fearlessly admitted to CheChe Lazaro on her show Probe Profiles last Wednesday that he was molested by a stranger when he was 7-years-old.

Hayden didn't elaborate though whether the molester was a man or a woman.

But I think, it was a homosexual guy.

And if it was a man, why is it that Hayden Kho has enjoyed taking videos of his private moments with different women?

I could not connect the child molestation experienced by Hayden with his video collections, not unless there's a man-to-man video of Hayden hiding from the closet.

The child molestation that Hayden brought up to Probe Profiles is another Hayden's justification for having his own scandal collection.

During his past interviews, Hayden also admitted he was once a victim of a s-x video, when one of his past girlfriends took a video of himself without his consent.

Hayden said to CheChe that he doesn't believe his ex-gf Vicki Belo did all the uploads of his videos on the net.

“Hindi si Vicki ang nag-upload. Alam mo ito yung theory ko dun eh, yung nakakuha ng videos, hindi nila nilalabas yung kay Vicks dahil pag lumabas yung kay Vicks obviously hindi si Vicks yung naglabas, hindi si Vicky yung nagupload. Hahabulin sila.," he said.

Watch a part of CheChe's exclusive interview with Hayden Kho Jr:

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