Tattooed hunks Manuel Chua and Jubail Andres


Pinoy Fear Factor's Manuel Chua Jr and Star Magic Batch 16 member Jubail Andres are a lot sexier with the tattoos embedded on their bodies.

I generally don't like guys with tattoos in their bodies except for a few including Manuel and Jubail (plus Jace Flores of Survivor Philippines).

Stunt Master Manuel is the very reason why I stay up late at night watching Pinoy Fear Factor. Every stunt in the said reality show becomes so much sexier if Manuel is doing it.

Those tattoos, especially the one near his navel, are sooo hot for me. Does he has another tattoo underneath?

As for Jubail, at first glance, you wouldn't see any traces of those tattoo stains.

He actually has tattoo at his back: three stars and a sun.

And another one underneath his pants. It's an alibata and something cannot be seen if he has his undies on. Too bad, but on one side, that makes him a lot hotter.

Jubail was last seen in the "Boarding House" episode of Maaalala Mo Kaya last Saturday as one of the boardmates.

The said episode starred Coco Martin (in a gay role), Derek Ramsay (a man molested in his teener years by his father), Emilio Garcia as the bisexual father and another Star Magic Batch 16 member Reb Sibal.

I hope I could see more of Jubail (and his hidden tattoo probably).

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