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Marco Morales dreams to be one of the sexiest men in the Philippines, and I think that dream has already been realized.

He is now considered one of them and slowly, he could top them all.

For the past three weeks, Mykiru's posts about Marco Morales and his film 'Butas', where he did full frontal, were on top of everything else.

Queries leading to Mykiru's blog were mostly about Marco Morales: marco morales butas, marco morales sexy pics, butas frontal, his scandal pictures, etc.

Truly, Marco has turned the cold days of January, 2009 into Summer-like days.

And speaking about his second movie after 'Walang Kawala' in 2007, 'Butas' had a successful premiere last January 12 at the UP Theater and as expected, 99% were men (gays I suppose) who for sure were after Marco's frontal scenes.

The movie was supposed to hit theaters in January 15, but it's having a hard time passing the censorship of MTRCB.

'Butas' playdate is now moved to January 28.

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  1. bakat nga,hihihi,,i aonder kung ganu kahaba yan?..

  2. gay......its normal thing...whats the reason to feast with?little bits?