American Idol Season 8 Top 50 leakage

The 8th season of American Idol is about to kick off this January and as of this point, fans are craving once more for the show's spoilers and the names of those who made it to the Top 50, before they know it on TV, when it premieres on January 13 and 14.

Joesplaceblog has the list of rumored Top 50 contestants of American Idol Season 8 plus the names of those who at least made it to Hollywood:

Top 50

Angela Martin
Emily Wynne-Hughes
Jacklyn “Jackie” Tohn
Jakob McKay
Junot Jaynor
Justin Williams
Michael Bartul
Ryan P.A. Johnson
Stephen Fowler
Taylor Vaifanua:
T.K. Hash

Contestants who made it to Hollywood:

Aaron Blinds
Adam Lambert
Alan Jackson
Alexander Green
Alexander “Alex” Wagner
Alexandria Silva
Alexea Lawson
Alexis Middleton
Allison Barron
Allison Iraheta
Amy Mcintosh
Ann Marie Boskovich
Anna Kaelin
Anthony Safonov
Antonio Magana
Arianna Afsaro
Asa Barnes
Ashley Hollister
Ashley Mendez
Aubrey Logan
Audra-Kate Geiger
Austin Jonathon Sisneros
Barry Tomkins
Bellamy Williams
Brent Keith Smith
Brianna Horne
Bryan Peterson
Carla Trujillo
Casey Carlson
Cesar Morales
Chelsea Hunt
Christopher Brigham
Christopher “Chris” Chatman
Christopher “Chris” Medina
Christopher Pinkston
Clark Masters
Cody Sheldon
Damaris Rivera
Daniel “Danny” Gokey
Danielle “Danii” Roundtree
David Gowryluk
David Osmond
Deanna Brown
Denise Holbrook
Dennis Brigham
Derek Drake
Derik Lavers
Devon Baldwin
Dominic Lynch
Dominique Brown
Eddie Elkins
Emily Wynne-Hughes
Erika Wesley
Felicia Barton
Grant Baird
Imari Molifua
India Morrison
Jackie Midkiff
Jacquelyn “Jackie” Mendez
Jake Marshman
Jamar Rogers
James Harris
James Jannetty
Jana Beutler Holland
Jarret Burns
Jasmine Murray
Jason Rosario
Jeanine Vailes
Jennifer “Jenn” Korbee
Jennifer (Jenesis) Samoranos
Jeremy Sarver
Jesse McCullagh
Jessica Furney
Jessica “Jesse” Langseth
Jesus Valenzuela
JM Rieger
Joanna Pacitti
John Twiford
Jorge Nuñez Mendez
Josh Cloud
Joshua Tryon
Joshua Ulloa
Juan Planas
Julissa Veloz
Justin Williams
Katrina Darrell
Kaylan Loyd
Kaylee Cohen
Kechelle Hodge
Kelly Evetter
Kendall Beard
Kenneth “Kenny” Hoffpauer
Kris Allen
Kristen McNamara
Lacey Brown
Lauren Barnes
Lydia Parrott
Mallory Logue
Margaret “Margo” May
Markese Morris
Matt Corkey
Matt Giraud
Matthew “Matt” Breitzke
Megan Bohls
Megan Corkey
Melinda Camille
Michael Castro
Michael Sarver
Michael Steven Tristan
Mishavonna Henson
Monique Garcia Torres
Moorea Masa
Morgan McOwen
Nancy Wilson
Natasha “Tasha” Valentine
Natanial “Nate’ Marshall
Nena Lockheart
Nichol Berry Kennels
Nicholas “Nick” Hendrix
Nick Mitchell
Patricia Roman
Perrie Cataldo
Phoebe Holiday (Ryan)
Reggi Beasley
Ricky Braddy
Ryan Paul August Johnson
Raquel “Sarah” Houghton
Sarah Rose Flack
Scott Douglas MacIntyre
Sharon Wilbur
Shelby Swartwood
Stacie Ball
Stephanie Brit
Steven Darden
Tamara Taylor
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro
Thomas “Otto” Malone
Tom Korbee
Tuan/Twan Lozada
Tryphaena Joelle Nimmons
Von Smith

The American Idol Season 8 will have two-day premiere, on January 13 and 14, on FOX.

From there, the auditions of those contestants who made it to Hollywood will be shown until the Top 50 hopefuls are chosen.

Auditions were done in East Rutherford, New Jersey; Jacksonville, Florida; Kansas City, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky; Phoenix, Arizona; Salt Lake City, Utah; San Francisco, California and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Yes, Puerto Rico

The Top 50 contestants will be cut down to Top 36, which shall be revealed on February 11.

Voting will begin on February 17, where viewers will decide as to who they think should advance to the next round of the competition. The 36 semi-finalists will be divided into three groups: 12 each night (February 17, February 24 and March 3).

Three finalists will be chosen each night based on the highest number of votes (1 male, 1 female and the one with the next highest vote) then the judges will choose 3 contestants to round up the Top 12 in a 'Wild Card' episode on March 5 .

Then the Top 12 finalists will be officially revealed on March 5 and their first performances is slated on March 10th.

In the Philippines, American Idol Season 8 will be shown once again on Q11.

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  1. im rooting for pinay jenisis! also the beautiful girl who sang a thousand miles and the girl who auditioned wearing only her bikini! damn! something to look forward to! hope you could give more info regarding the top36! thanx