Manuel of Pinoy Fear Factor, one of the 29 people to watch out for this 2009

Tim Yap of The Philippine Star Supreme has his own list of promising stars this Year of the Ox (2009).

Included in the list are reality and talent shows' discoveries such as Manuel Chua Jr of Pinoy Fear Factor (photo), JC Tiuseco of Survivor Philippines, Britain's Got Talent's Charlie Green and Pinoy Dream Academy's Bugoy Drilon and Laarni Lozada.

Tagged as Super Manuel, struggling businessman Manuel Chua Jr is believed to shine the brightest over other promising Pinoy Fear Factor participantes such as Jose Sarasola, Jommy Teotico, Ram Sagad, Gail Nicolas and Savanah Lamsen.

Manuel is the big favorite to win in Pinoy Fear Factor, especially with his large fan base, other than the fact that he is the most athletic (probably the best-bodied) participante of Pinoy Fear Factor.

Just like in Philippine Daily Inquirer, Karylle is again mentioned as one of the stars to watch out for this 2009.

“I believe that Karylle is a sleeping dragon who will now arise to full stardom,” Tim shares.

Among the hottest loveteams of today, two will stand out above the rest this year according to Tim: KC-Chard and Sarah-Lloydie, while the music scene will heat up with Ely Buendia and his band Pupil, Wolfgang, Razorback and international singing sensation Charice.

Here's Tim's list of 29 people to watch out for in 2009, including the reasons why:

KC Concepcion. If you think the past year was supremely lorded over by KC Concepcion, think again. This girl never stops — not even during the holiday season. Already she is busy filming her second movie with Richard Gutierrez under GMA Films, which will have a first-quarter Valentine’s Day ’09 release. Aside from all her showbiz commitments, she still stays solid in her pledge to the UN Ambassador Against World Hunger and continues to raise funds all year ‘round for the cause.

Make Up Forum. This artistic team never fails to amaze the Supreme team with their professionalism and artistry, making them the makeup team to beat in 2009.

Eugene Domingo. You can’t fake timing, and this comedian is a master of it. We would watch premiere nights for local films and sit back as Eugene does all the work while the audience just sits back and laughs. People do not know that she is also a UP professor by day, and is equally comfortable and effective doing drama. Given the right vehicle, Eugene’s star can shine even brighter.

John Tracy Cruz. This young architect from Globe Asiatique has been giving our skies a boost with his signature roundabout designs that make the world go ‘round. His residential and business projects have been sold-out successes and he has carved out a reputation for being the architecture world’s “box office king.”

JC Tiuseco. We will be seeing a lot of this ultimate Survivor on GMA, where he is now making the rounds of the talk shows, eliciting squeals from fans and network heads at the same time. If he succeeds, he will be the year’s most shining reality TV star. End of last year, he had already tucked a host of endorsements under his Mercator Model belt, all of which will be unveiled this year.

Chris Martinez. The director of the indie film “100″ wowed audiences and made them look at death in a whole new light. Now if you can do that in a Catholic country all scared to die, then you really have something going on, I guess. Can’t wait for him to make more obras.

Karylle. ““I believe that Karylle is a sleeping dragon who will now arise to full stardom,” an industry insider shares with us. “This girl has handled her breakup with enough class and sass! Anyone who turns her single status into a hot Bench ad has the oomph to make it in ’09!” said Romina, a marketing executive. Aside from ASAP, she is about to star in two ABS-CBN soaps, release an album on EMI, snag endorsements and more — and she has all the K in the world — attagirl!

Richard Gutierrez. You’ll see him with KC in their Valentine Day’s movie and this year you’ll also see him go back to former sweetheart Anne Curtis for yet another movie. On TV, he’ll once again enchant the kids and the chicks when he plays the masked marauder Zorro — where he might play opposite Pinoy showbiz darling Iza Calzado — that Richard G, that ends with a Z.

Aries Lagat. He not only impressed the Project Runway Philippines judges with his technical and design skills, he also wowed TV audiences with his wit and catty humor. Are we going to see “It” girls and hot recessionistas wear his stuff this year? Let’s see.

Dante Nico Garcia. If “Ploning” makes it to the Oscars, then Direk Dante will be the first Filipino from Cuyo, Palawan to be able to attend this global gethering to salute the best in the world of cinema. If his Ploning gained rave reviews from critics and auidences alike for its quiet and beautiful story telling, we can only imagine the other stories that Direk Nico has to tell. We’re all ears, and all eyes.

Akihiro Sato. Not just the model, but the actor. Sure, he is back in Brazil now to be with his family, but when he comes back to Manila this March, he is faced with countless offers to do television and movie work. He is still deep into his studies of the Filipino language, and if he succeeds, this will catapult him into crossover stardom like no other.

Ely Buendia and Pupil. People should get their heads over the Eraserheads and listen up to Pupil, Ely Buendia’s latest incarnation. At the NU107 Rock Awards last year, they won seven awards, including Artist of the Year, enough proof of their watch-out-for-ability. Ely’s back, back again. And you better be ready.

Bugoy and Laarni Lozada. Their “Pinoy Dream Academy” experience gave them the necessary exposure and the essential tutelage from masters of the music and performing arts universe. This world always needs new pied pipers and based on their new hits and increased following, these two could be it.

Anne Curtis. She ended the year with a Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress trophy, which upped her level immediately as a lead actress, and not just as a pretty face. But she is such a pretty face and effective endorser (she has at least three major campaigns that will be launched within this first quarter) that this year, she is set to reign. “It”-dom is hers, and this year will see the rise and rise of goddess, Anne Curtis.

The Next MTV VJ. Will this year see the resurrection of the VJ? Young kids still love music, they still love their MTV. We know it’s never too late, and all it takes is the right person at the right time. Will this year prove to be it? We shall see…

Paolo, Gab and Kiana Valenciano. Supreme was there when the Valenciano siblings each did a number with their dad Gary V during his 25th anniversary concert and we must say, that pure, energetic talent runs intheir veins! Paolo is a rocker that is gtting better as the years go by and Gabriel is up there as a dancer, comfortable in multiple genres from hip hop to boogie (his recent boogie dance number at the “Katy” tribute with KC Concecpcion brought the house down!). Both guys are song writers and producers. Kiana has a beautiful, captivating morena face and a beautful voice perfect for R&B but is still a reluctant star. I think this is theri year to step it all up!

Wolfgang and Razorback. They’re putting the rock back into rock and roll. With a new album on the horizon, fans of these ‘90s rock gods will once again rise to the occasion, proving to all that music knows no boundaries, especially age. Lizza Nakpil put it best when she told Supreme, “My fearless, zipless forecast: Testosterone. Music with balls and the intensity and the originality to stand its ground in a very uncertain world. Only music with authenticity will resonate. No more phonies or poseurs. Time to tell the men from the boys.”

Solenn Heussaff. This multi-multi-hyphenate is a model-makeup artist-designer-party girl all rolled into one sexy package. When she’s not having a ball at Fiamma, this lady shuffles being an accredited makeup artist for Make Up For Ever with being a designer at Tan Gan all at the same time. She also just recently launched her own shoe line. Supreme says, if you can do it and still be that gorgeous, then by all means, do it!

Bea Soriano. If designer to the stars Randy Ortiz declares that she is “it,” then she is it. Ortiz’s big gala last year focused on this new fashion star who reminds us of Maggie Q mixed with Gong Li. Her classic Asian features and even classier demeanor makes her a cut above the rest. Welcome fashion’s brightest and hottest.

JC De Vera. Ruffa Gutierrez has this to say about this junior hearthrob who has come of age, “Most of the women and gay guys I know think he’s hot including those I work with in ABS-CBN, to think he’s a GMA artist. He acts well and has unique features that could launch a thousand ships.” She should know, don’t ya think? We watched his Obra series and we must say we do agre with Ruffa, grabeehhh!

Ang Bandang Shirley. DJ, music lover, evangelist and cancer surivor Benjo Marquez has this to say about the band: “I am a big fan of Ang Bndang Shirley, an indie band on Terno Recordings. They have a sound that is both global and yet very Filipino. Their songs are in Tagalog but their musical aesthetic is up there with Death CabFor Cutie, Toe and the Go Team! Their lyrics are relevant and clever yet very catchy and easy to sing to. Plus all the band members are nice and have no airs about them.”

Manuel of Pinoy Fear Factor. There are a lot of reasons to catch Pinoy Fear Factor, but our fearless forecast is that, aside from Jommy Teotico and Jose Sarasola, the one whose star will shine brightly among this batch is Manuel Chua, Jr. Well, he may even win the competition if our crystal ball is correct.

Charice Pempengco and Charlie Green. These two Pinoys were recognized on foreign shores before we embraced them, so they are the de facto OFW singing superstars, YouTube megastars, up-and-coming concert kings and queens — whatever you call them, they make Filipinos proud. We need more of them.

Sarah Geronimo-John Lloyd Cruz. Last year, their team-up was such a phenomenal hit, expect a follow-up project for this sensational duo. What’s great about these two is that they have shattered time-tested formulas for love teams. They proved that when you put two really good artists together, combined with a great script, it can really work. Individually, they are also given the right exposure to be able to shine, so guys, bring it on!

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