Jon Avila suffers Big Brother's unfair decision


He's almost there, but can't make it.

Jon Avila was given a forced eviction Wednesday night due to his statement "Is everyone thinking what I'm thinking? Five medallions are here. And we're five here." during the mock nomination that happened two days back. Take note, a MOCK NOMINATION, not a true nomination, so why was he given a forced eviction?

I think it's so unfair.

According to the Big Brother rule as reiterated by an Endemol representative, the process of nomination is sacred and no one is allowed to discuss it outside the confession room.

First point, it was not a genuine nomination. It was just a mock nomination.

Secondly, the nomination was done outside the confession room. The mere fact that they did the nominations, face to face, was already a discussion.

Third, If you can still remember, Riza Santos also disobeyed the rule when she disclosed to Gaby that she automatically nominated her. She was not evicted right away, but instead, was just given due punishment.

Baron Geisler also broke so many house rules before, prior to his forced eviction last week. In fact, he should have been evicted the first time he got drunk and harrassed the girls early December, but still he was given a second chance. It was far more worthy of forced eviction than that of sincere and genuine intentions of Jon Avila.

What Jon only did was to love his co-housemates more than himself.

Furthermore, according to Big Brother, he violated a serious decree which prohibits any housemate to influence or sway their voting decisions during nominations.

Again and again, it was not a legal nomination and how about the four other housemates who cooperated with Jon? Had it been they did not give in to Jon's statement, will Jon still be forced evicted?

As for the Big Four, Riza, Will, Ruben and Gaby, if they care for Jon, they should have asked for a voluntary eviction because they, themselves, were part of the mistakes.

Maybe, you guys have learned a lesson there. In a competition, don't think of others, just think of yourself.

But I admire Jon for what he did because he proved that he was not there for a competition, but for the welfare of others. Jon is a true epitome of a gentleman, a man with a sincere and good heart.

Jon's percentage of votes during the voting period was not disclosed and I'm pretty much sure that he didn't have the lowest votes.

Fans of Jon are also complaining why PBB still accepted votes for Jon until Wednesday night, when PBB knew beforehand that they had to let go of Jon since the live nomination last Sunday.

Oh well, according to the house rules, the decisions made by Big Brother are always final and irrevocable.

They want to be talked about and never listen, in the first place.


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  1. pls vote for GABY dela Merced. She deserves to win.

  2. i love jon and lovely in my eyes..