American Idol Season 7 Premiere


Brandon Green from Mississippi is rumored as one of the Top 50 contestants of American Idol Season 7.

American Idol Season 7 had a successful premiere last night, January 15, 2008, with a preview of the auditions that happened in Philadelphia.

Out of thousands who auditioned, around 30 hopefuls were given a "Hollywood" pass, as what they call it.

To name a few of them:

Angela Martin “Signed Sealed Delivered”
Beth Stalker “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”
Brooke White “Like a Star”
Chris Watson “Follow Me”
Joey Catalano “Sunday Morning”
Jonathan Baines
Jose Candelaria “Unbreak My Heart”
Junot Joyner “The Blues”
Kristy Lee Cook “Amazing Grace”
Melanie Nyema “Unwritten”

Season 7 has just started but as early as December, 2007, an online forum already has a list of the Top 50 contestants for the said reality competition.

The leaked list was believed to have been posted online by a certain forum member named JoesPlace at

Take for example Chris Watson, an auditionee from Philadelphia (see list above). Chris was shown passing the audition during the show's premiere last night.

Surprisingly, you can already find his name in the list of Top 50 contestants as shown below:

1. Brandon Green
2. Cardin McKinney
3. David Archuleta
4. Irish Girl
5. Jermaine Paul
6. Jason Castro
7. Lisa Aukerman
8. Lorena Pinot
9. Michael Preston
10. Natasha ?
11. Syesha Mercado
12. Alisha Dixon
13. Ashley Robinette
14. Alyssa ?
15. Anthony Saunders
16. Beth Stalker
17. Brian Lam
18. Brian Miller
19. Brooke Helvie
20. Charity Daw
21. Chase ?
22. Chase Foster
23. Chikezie
24. Chris Watson
25. Colton Swan
26. Colton ? #2
27. David
28. Jenna Breedlove
29. Jessica Hanner
30. Joanne ?
31. John Edward Carey, Jr.
32. Jordan ?
33. Josh Jones
34. Justin ?
35. Kelly ?
36. Kelton ?
37. Kevin Boyce
38. Lauren Torelli
39. Leah Guerrier
40. Matt Sato
41. Michael Sanfilippo
42. Michelle Monica Mann
43. Mishavonna Henson
44. Nina Shaw
45. Rachael Wicker
46. Ricco Barrino (Fantasia's brother)
47. Ross Koley
48. Tatiana ?
49. Tina ?
50. Ty Riley - Omotyo

If in case it's true, it is no surprise though if a list of the Top 50 contestants has leaked online especially that the auditions were held sometime in July and August last year, and the show's premiere was set just this month.

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