Jennylyn Mercado is 6 weeks pregnant


OMG! Are you shocked? I am uber-ly shocked.

The year 2008 has just started but Jennylyn Mercado has made it so promising with her unexpected pregnancy.

Last week, I've blogged about Jennylyn Mercado's cover for FHM Philippines this January, as seen above.

I have said that the shots were quite conservative as far as the magazine is concerned and Jennylyn probably wanted us to expect more and more of her in days to come.

Unexpected though, but Jennylyn is expecting a baby. I never thought it could be the surprise she has for us this year.

On Ricky Lo's Halu-Halong Hula for 2008, it was mentioned there that a young actress will get pregnant out of wedlock but she won’t marry the “culprit” (her actor-boyfriend) yet. It's definitely Jennylyn Mercado.

As of latest development, Patrick Garcia, the boyfriend, is willing to be the "man" he could. Jennylyn and Patrick have also been pulled out from their supposed team up in 'Maging Akin Ka Lamang' on GMA 7. Mark Herras, the ex-boyfriend, has been reportedly shocked with the news.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Jennylyn Mercado is the first Starstruck graduate to be impregnated.

I admire Jennylyn though for courageously facing this new phase in her life, instead of resorting to "abortion" just for the sake of her career. Having a baby is always a blessing and let's all be happy for her.

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  1. naku ang lilibog nyo kasi kaya yan...

    sana si marian rivera na sumunod

  2. jen kahit anong mangyari, susuportahan kita..marami ka namang movie offers..kahit d ka magiging visible sa tv, nasa circulation pa rin name mu dahil sikat interested ang mga tao sa ka muna sa singing.kaya mo yannn