American Idol Season 7 Top 24 list (leakage)


David James Archuleta is believed to have penetrated the Top 24 of American Idol Season 7.

The rumored Top 50 contestants of Americal Idol Season 7 has leaked as early as December, 2007 and now, according to the latest leakage available online, they're now down to 24.

Filipino-American Ramielle Malubay is rumored to be included in the Top 24 of American Idol Season Seven.

Early favorite and by far the most popular Season 7 contestant David Archuleta is also one of them. Btw, is he really a Filipino or not?

QTV 11's research department claims he is partly Filipino, but his worldwide fans don't like him to be one. According to them, David is mixed Honduran-Mexican-Irish.

You might or might not believe this, but here is the unofficial list of Top 24 contestants for the 7th season of American Idol:

Top 12 Girls
Alaina Whitaker
Alex Lushington
Amanda Overmyer
Amy Davis
Asiah Epperson
Brooke White
Carly Hennessy Smithson
Joanne Borgella
Kady Malloy
Kristie Lee Cook
Ramielle Malubay
Syesha Mercado

Top 12 Guys
Chikeze Eze
Colton Berry
Danny Noriega
David Archuleta
David Cook
David Hernandez
Garrett Haley
Jason Castro
Jason Yeager
Luke Menard
Michael Lee Johns
Robbie Carrico

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5 Comment(s):

  1. The filipina made it, im happy for her.

  2. She has an amazing voice.
    I hope David goes far as well. He's one of my favorites.
    Too bad Josiah didn't.

  3. kabati pod ato'g tingog ni Josiah oiiiiiiii....nindot hinuon ang tingong ni Ramielle malubay....

  4. bati bitaw gyud too gyud ko nimo. ngano gud intawn tuga-tuga pa 2 si josiah og apil nga mao ra man diay 2 iya ikapakita.

  5. Ayaw pod mo pag ingon in-ana oi kay naningkamot ra ba sab to siya nga makapakita og maanindot nga kanta.