Yahoo! TV's 2007 Honor Roll


McSteamy played by Eric Dane in Grey's Anatomy has been voted by Yahoo! TV users as the Best Flirt on American television.

Yahoo! TV has surveyed its users as to who should be included in the 2007 honor roll given various categories such as Most Popular TV show, Best Looking TV personality, Best Dressed, Best Kiss and many more.

Here's the results:

MOST EVIL: Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl, 27%
Runners Up: Sarah Corvus of Bionic Woman, 23% and the Devil in Reapers, 16%

CLASS CLOWN: Jim of The Office

BEST LOOKING: Lana Lang (Kristine Kruek) of Smallville, 28%
Runner Up: McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) of Grey's Anatomy, 12%

BIGGEST FLIRT: McSteamy of Grey's Anatomy, 40%
Runners Up: Gaby of "Desperate Housewives" and Barney of "How I Met Your Mother", 15%

MOST POPULAR: House, 42%
Runners Up: Grey's Anatomy and CSI, 20%; Dancing with the Stars, 10%

CUTEST COUPLE: Jim and Pam of The Office
Runner Up: Betty and Henry of Ugly Betty

Runners Up: House, 17% and Pushing Diaries, 15%

BEST DRESSED: stars of Gossip Girls, 22%
Runners Up: stars of Desperate Housewives, 17%; contestants of Dancing with the Stars, 16% and stars of Ugly Betty, 14%

BIGGEST NERDS: Leonard and Sheldon of Big Bang Theory, 36%
Runner Up: Chuck and Morgan of Chuck, 34%

BEST KISS: Jim and Pam of The Office, 19%
Runners Up: Chuck and Blair of Gossip Girl, 13%; and Beth and Mick of Moonlight, 13%

MOST DRAMATIC: Taylor of Kid Nation, 36%
Runner Up: Blair of Gossip Girl, 23%

MOST TALENTED: Ned of Pushing Daisies, 34%
Runners Up: Mick of Moonlight, 18% and Dan of Journeyman, 9%

BEST SIDEKICK: Morgan of Chuck, 35%
Runners Up: Andrea of Samantha Who?, 30% and Sock or Reaper, 18%

Runners Up: Samantha Who? and Gossip Girl

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