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A possible Oscar contender next year, 'The Kite Runner' has finally been shown last week, December 14, 2007, after it was postponed last month due to a controversial rape scene.

The movie, which is set in Afghanistan, faced controversies especially with its plot depicting life in Afghanistan and the disturbing rape scene of the child actor. The 12 year-old actor himself, Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada, even confessed that he's worried about his family's security due to the rape scene and he fears his peers and schoolmates might think he was indeed raped.

“I want to continue making films and be an actor but the rape scene upset me because my friends will watch it and I won’t be able to go outside any more. They will think I was raped,” Ahmad said.

The other Afghan child actor Zekeria Ebrahimi was also quoted saying that he's worried about his security in Kabul, Afghanistan: "We want to study in the United States. It's a modern country and more safe than here. If I became rich here I would be worried about security. It's dangerous to have money because of the kidnapping."

Even if the Oscar 2008 nominees is yet to be announced on January, 'The Kite Runner' is already being eyed to score one or more nominations.

In the Golden Globe Awards 2008 nominations released last week, the movie received two nods, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Score.

Watch the movie's trailer:

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