Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz break-up

See, anything can still happen as the year comes to an end.

The rumored break up of couple Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz has just come out lately when people get busy themselves for the Holidays and Sunshine Cruz herself has confirmed to Ricky Lo of Philippine Star that she, along with her three kids, left their home on Christmas Day.

Here's what the article says:

“All I want is a little respect.”

That’s all that Sunshine Cruz said when Funfare talked to her Thursday night, reacting to the Funfare “blind item” about a beautiful couple who broke up on Christmas Day.

“Yes,” Sunshine continued, “I did leave home in the afternoon of Christmas Day, with my three daughters. I was fetched at home by my mom and my brother.”

Sunshine didn’t comment, though, on Funfare’s report that she and husband Cesar Montano fought over a 16-year-old Brazilian model who sometimes drops by Bellisimo restaurant which is owned by the couple. Neither did Sunshine comment on the rumored exchange of “hurting” words between her and Cesar.

“I don’t want to say anything more for now,” said Sunshine who is staying with her mom for the meantime, as she always does everytime she and Cesar have a misunderstanding.

“All I want is a little respect,” she repeated.

It’s not the first time the couple, married eight years, has been reported to have separated.

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