Ian Porlayagan, not competing for Mister International 2007


For unknown reasons, the Philippines is not being represented in the ongoing Mister International 2007 in Malaysia.

Enlisted Philippine delegate Ian Leonel Porlayagan is not competing for the title. It's unknown though whether he withdrew in the middle of the competition or he failed to arrive in Malaysia.

Three days before Christmas, I saw him at SM Southmall in Las Pinas City. It was the same day of arrival of Mister International 2007 contestants in Malaysia. That's probably one proof that he indeed failed to arrive in Malaysia.

Another Filipino contestant, Mark Figueroa who was supposed to represent Guam, also failed to arrive. Mark is the winner of Ginoong Pilipinas-USA 2007.

To count, there are only 17 contenders for the title of Mister International 2007.


National Costumes:

Photos courtesy of Mister Singapore Organization

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5 Comment(s):

  1. The national director Robert Delgado is an inept director. He failed to arrange Ian's visa to Malaysia, that's why Ian couldn't come!

  2. Mark Figueroa's director, Elton Lugay, who produces Ginoong Pilipinas USA, is another incompetent director. Lugay failed to provide Figueroa with airline tickets. Lugay kept blaming his sponsors, but come on, he should have paid for the tickets himself! It's embarrassing that directors like Lugay and Delgado shattered their winners' hopes and dreams to compete in Mister International! One can say the same thing with Edgar Sulit, another Filipino failed to send his Canadian delegate to the pageant! So now, the winner was replaced by some mediocre Chinese-Canadian guy who entered the pageant on his own!

  3. ay ano ba yan..
    sayang.. malaki pa naman chances nina ian at mark

  4. Anonymous is totally right on with the details..Just a shame

  5. Figueroa was offered to join the competition but he refused it since his girlfriend doesn't want him to join. I should know, I am the sponsor.