Philippines' worst year in beauty pageants


Anna Theresa Licaros, Miss Universe Photogenic 2007 and Jeanne Angeles Harn, Miss Earth Photogenic 2007

Even if the Philippines won two Miss Photogenic awards this 2007, one in Miss Universe and another in Miss Earth, it can still be considered as one of the worst years ever for the country in terms of pageant performance, especially within the last 10 years.

What happened with the Filipina beauties? Despite being prepared or having enough time to prepare for the 5 grandslam pageants, Philippines still failed to sustain supremacy as a beauty powerhouse in 2007 and the only consolation was winning Miss Photogenic awards.

Here's a rundown of the country's achievements in the 5 grandslam pageants for the last 10 years:

Miss Universe - Miss Photogenic
Miss International - Top 15 semi-finalist

Miss International - Top 15 semi-finalist

Miss Universe - 1st Runner Up/Clairol Herbal Essence Style Award


Miss Earth - Top 10 semi-finalist/Best in Long Gown

Miss World - Top 10 Finalist
Miss Earth - Top 10 semi-finalist/Miss Photogenic

Miss World - Top 5 Finalist
Miss Earth - Top 10 semi-finalist

Miss World - Top 5 Finalist/4th Runner Up
Miss International - Top 12 semi-finalist
Miss Earth - Top 8 finalist

Miss Universe - Miss Photogenic
Miss World - Top 15 semi-finalist
Miss International - winner
Miss Earth - Top 16 semi-finalist
Miss Tourism Queen International - Top 12 semi-finalist/Best Smile

Miss Universe - Miss Photogenic
Miss Earth - Miss Water (2nd Runner Up)
Miss Tourism Queen International - winner

Miss Universe - Miss Photogenic
Miss Earth - Miss Photogenic

Despite of this, Philippines has moved one position up in the over-all Grand Slam Beauty Pageant Ranking. It's now 5th, beating South Africa, which was also unplaced during the Miss World 2007 finals, failing to defend its points during the Miss World 1997 pageant. South Africa slipped to #9. #1 is still Venezuela, widening its gap over India in #2, followed by USA, 4th is Puerto Rico, and on 5th is the Philippines. China, which won in the Miss World 2007, climbed from #12 to #8, imposing threats to Philippines (5th), Spain (6th) and Colombia (7th). Russia completes the Top 10.

Vietnam also has its own sentiments why its delegates did not fair well in international beauty pageants. Read HERE.

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