On Wowowee Controversy

This is supposedly Genkuro's comment on my post about the Wowowee Scandal, but I made it as a special post because he has valid points and views. You may or you may not agree with his opinions, but I do.

Here's what he said:

"As far as this latest episode is concerned, I have to say that both instances has its merits and demerits.

1. A game show segment from a viewers point of view was rigged from the start as evidenced by the video footage.

2. A TV personality wrote his article on a National Broadsheet after a week of absence from the country ending his article with, "Teasing is not bad. Cheating is… on TV!" No names were mentioned in said article.

3. Game Show host reacts like a brat and "cried" on national television targeting TV Personality on a personal level and repeatedly named TV personality the program he works on and the network he appears in. This tirade went on in between "sobs" for 10 minutes or so. During his outburst, no explanation about the incident happened except him stressing several times that he is not a cheater.

4. TV Personality reacts without mentioning names and calls on the game show host to explain before he complains and stated "bato-bato sa langit tamaan wag magagalit." Jokingly ended his monologue asking the Senate to forget "Hello Garci" and instead focus on "Hello Papi!"

5. Immediately, game show host reacted that he doesn't need the senate since he has the support of the people.

6. The network of game show host explains that there was a technical glitch on that portion of the game show citing that since it was new, they still have to work out the quirks and apologizes to the viewing public. Still no explanation how the glitch came about and how come there are two numbers in one box or was it a wheel? This statement came out a week after the incident and after the news broke out on the newspapers, blogs, radio and word of mouth.

6. August 31, 2007, the senate reacts and will look into the controversy.

I am not taking sides on this issue but it's clear based on what transpired who is the more intelligible personality of the two. One maybe viewed as a taunter and the other a "pikon."

I agree however that an explanation with a substantiated apology is warranted to clear any misconception about the alleged rigging of the Game Show hosts' portion in his TV program. His personal attack on the TV personality is baseless and diversionary since he was not mentioned by name in any of the taunts made by the TV personality.

The contestant in that portion of the show was going home with an accumulated amount of P137 thousand since she chose the offer instead of going for the jackpot anyway. And in the spirit of fair play, they showed where the big money prize was. This is where the faux pas transpired. This is where an explanation is needed.

The bottom line, there was an incident which warrants an explanation. People reacted including the TV personality in his "pilyo" kind of way. The senate for lack of focus will delve into the issue. For what reason you may ask? I dare not say. What I can say is that it would be a waste of senate priorities and tax payers' money. We the people need more from the Senate than resolving an issue which the DTI and the MTRCB can solve. Come to think of it, what has the senate done for us lately?"

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  1. Things could have been avoided if Willy and ABS rectified the so called mechanical glitch immediately. However, they try to avoid the issue and just came out of the open after it became out of hand.Let's wait and see of the outcome, in the moment it is the viewer and participants who are in the losing end..being cheated and there hopes being played upon. Shame on you ABS!

  2. i believe that really, there was a mechanical error or glitch with the episode... Since in the game, there are 12 wheels and each wheel contains 0 as it's base... i believe that only the 4 jackpot prizes are placed on top of these zeroes so that everyday, it would not be hard for them to shuffle all of these prizes... and with the situation, i have observed that Willie pulled the film along with the second layer which was the 2 MILLION... For instance, this revealed the last layer which was zero... ABS-CBN's only mistake was that they chose to do it this way... i mean, it was just that they chose to place all zeroes at the base layer... they didn't think of what could possibly happen if the 2nd layer would also be pulled....


    It was a mechanical glitch that happened... Anyway, GOD knows...

    So Eat Bulaga, I believe you should just keep on improving your show... improve it till perfection... don't waste your time on making side-comments about other people's business.... Don't meddle with things you don't know... and regarding your comment of the "Bakit?! Bakit?! Bakit?!"... I believe you should answer that... "Bakit ka ba nakikialam sa show ng iba kung mron ka ding show na pinaaandar?!" diba? I mean, wla nmang issue kung wlang gagawa... and likewise, walang issue kung wla kang sidecomments...

    GUYZ, sit back and relax.... I am not a Wowowee fanatic nor of Eat Bulaga... I just felt bad about what happened and I believe that nothing was wrong...

    Wowowee Fans, keep on holding...
    Eat Bulaga Fans, Good Luck!...