Dr. Hayden Kho's promise to Dra. Vicky Belo


Doc Hayden to Dra. Belo: “I am dedicating my songs to her. She’s a very nice person. She is very sweet. She has all the blessings and she deserves it all. But of course, every woman needs her prince charming and then I think I am here to fulfill this dream of hers in singing.” Quoted from an article on IGMA.TV

Reading between the lines, Dra. Vicky Belo is the very reason why Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. joined Celebrity Duets.

Obviously, Dra. Belo has captured Doc Hayden's heart, or is it the other way around?

The couple is now on their second year, and their relationship keeps getting better and better as attested on how Doc Hayden professes his love to the very lucky Dra. Belo.

Tall, sweet and a prince charming. No wonder, Hayden Kho, despite being a committed person, continues to capture the viewers' hearts since he joined Celebrity Duets on GMA 7. I just wish that the show is not just using him for the sake of gaining higher ratings, and I truly hope that he wins in the contest. He's the very reason why people watch the show.

Another elimination is up tonight on Celebrity Duets and if you still want to keep him or help him fulfill his promise for his lady love, support him by texting on your cellphones: Duets Hayden and send it to 367 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers and 2364 for Globe, Sun and Touch Mobile subscribers.

Photos courtesy of igma.tv

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  1. you hope he wins? So you want someone who can't carry a tune to WIN a singing contest? Buti kung Ginoong Pilipinas yan, then he deserves to win.

  2. doc hayden had improved a lot since day1. I think, in a singing contest like this (where contestants aren't professional singers), what matters most is the voice quality improvement. He may not have the nicest voice (Wyngard does), improvement wise, he had the greatest improvement. Plus, he had gained a lot of confidence. It's not only the voice of a singer which is important, but the overall package. He is gorgeous (Dra. Vicki Belo will agree with me, hehe!) plus he strives to make his performance better.