Camille Prats is confirmed pregnant


A child no more

I don't know how to react about the issue. Camille Prats and I are almost the same age. The moment I knew about it, I was so shocked. I even asked myself, is it also time for me to have one?

Just kidding.

Camille Prats may not be the youngest star to get pregnant, but she grew up in my eyes, and I feel she's still too young for that.

She shocked the whole country when she posed for FHM in February of 2006. The news of her being pregnant is another proof that she's not a little girl anymore.

Anyways, it shouldn't be regarded as a negative issue though because the Prats family is supportive of it, as reported by PEP.

In Bandera Showbiz, it has been reported that Camille carries the child of her former boyfriend, a director to be exact. But the Prats family thru Camille's mother denied the allegation.

According to a PEP article, the father is a non-showbiz guy by the name of Anthony, Camille's present boyfriend.

In a previous article by PEP last July 16, Camille was reported that she was quitting showbiz because she wanted to pursue her studies abroad in September. However, many believed Camille's pregnant that's why she's leaving showbiz, where she literally grew up.

They were right. Camille is indeed pregnant. At least, Camille and company have admitted it, before it's too late.

Camille is now four months pregnant. She just flew to the US last Wednesday, September 5, with Anthony.

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