'Evil' champs at the US Box Office


Resident Evil: Extinction triumphs in the US Weekend Box Office, topping the chart with an impressive $24 million sales. The previous two Resident Evil movies were able to reach the $100 million mark and for sure, the latest one will duplicate, or even surpass the success of its predecessors.

September 21-23, 2007

1. "Resident Evil: Extinction," $24 million.
2. "Good Luck Chuck," $14 million.
3. "The Brave One," $7.4 million.
4. "3:10 to Yuma," $6.35 million.
5. "Eastern Promises," $5.7 million.
6. "Sydney White," $5.3 million.
7. "Mr. Woodcock," $5 million.
8. "Superbad," $3.1 million.
9. "The Bourne Ultimatum," $2.8 million.
10. "Dragon Wars," $2.5 million.

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