Chris Crocker: From Youtube sensation to TV star

The mega popular Youtube can really do wonders. From being an ordinary person, 19-year old Chris Crocker has become an instant famous celebrity, after his video on Youtube about Britney Spears had 7.9 million hits in just a span of one week and still counting.

The video entitled "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" showing Chris Crocker in tears and full emotion defending Britney Spears from her detractors, after the comebacking singer's stint at the MTV Video Music Awards 2007 two weeks ago.

Soon after that popular video, Chris has appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and even had other people making spoofs of him.

And now, there's a possibility that Chris Crocker will soon have his own reality TV show, as he is having an ongoing deal with 44 Blue Productions, maker of some reality and documenrary shows in the US.

It's not the first time that Youtube has made an anonymous person to a famous one.

Checking the list of 10 Ways to make yourself a YouTube Star published in 2006 by Tech Digest, Chris Crocker has made use of #3 for him to become a star.

1. Lip-synching
2. Animals do the funniest things
3. Have an original idea no-one else would bother to do
4. Fight strangers in the street
5. Get your camphone out at gigs
6. Be bloody good at videogames
7. Corrupt innocent childrens' characters
8. Drink. Lots.
9. Rip obscure Japanese cartoons off the telly
10. Make high-quality one-minute vids reviewing hot gadgets of the day

If in case you haven't watched the video....

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