Richard Gutierrez's twin brother is indeed gay, according to a Youtube video

On Youtube, there was a video uploaded last December 30 headlined: Raymond Gutierrez, confirmed gay; Richard is straight.

Raymond's sexuality was already an old issue, but many thought he was just a bisexual.

But the video uploaded on Youtube by a certain SecondHandTequila tells that Raymond is not a bisexual. He is gay, according to the uploader's chatmate named Matthew Martin.

Matthew Martin (matthews_pride[at]yahoo[dot]com) claims Richard and Raymond are his cousins, and Raymond confessed about his sexuality during a heart-to-heart talk with him.

Watch the said video...

or this one... (if in case the video above doesn't work):

I have found one photo of that certain Matthew Martin, but I'm not sure if it is really him. He resembles Raymond and Richard, what do you think?


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