Ahron Villena shares own scandal photo on Instagram by mistake

Ahron Villena has accidentally showed his private part when he posted a photo of himself wearing nothing on Instagram today, but quickly deleted it minutes later perhaps after realizing he made a mistake.

But his followers were so quick, took screenshot of it and the photo is now all over social media.

This was the photo shared by Ahron Villena in his Instagram Story earlier (Sorry, but I had to cover the lower part).

Perhaps, it was supposed to be just a body selfie by Ahron, of course with his private part not included, but accident does happen in just one click, and the world has seen the thing not supposed to be seen in public.

Here are Ahron's IG stories the past 24 hours, with the last one already deleted.

The actor just woke up after a long sleep when he took the photo, hours after he arrived home early in the morning coming from 'La Luna Sangre' taping.

It was like he was just sharing a "woke up like this" look, but he ended up waking up everyone's senses with his accidental photo scandal.

Ahron later apologized for the mistake. According to his tweet, he became careless and pressed the wrong button.

What happened to Ahron reminds me of Jhong Hilario viral photo scandal 4 years ago, when the It's Showtime host also showed something by mistake while in a bathtub. - Mykiru.ph

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