Your Face Sounds Familiar pilot week: Jay-R is top performer

'Your Face Sounds Familiar' had a very successful pilot episodes on ABS-CBN last weekends, March 14 and 15, 2015. It's so fun to watch and I will surely not gonna miss the next episodes.

Hosted by Billy Crawford, 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' has 8 celebrity performers, namely Jay-R, Karla Estrada, Melai Cantiveros, Edgar Allan Guzman, Maxene Magalona, Jolina Magdangal, Nyoy Volante and 6CycleMind's Tutti Caringal, who in every week have to look and sound
like a particular music icon, and impress the jury members composed of Sharon Cuneta, Jed Madela and Gary Valenciano.

Jay-R performed as Pepe Smith, while Karla did Sharon Cuneta, Tutti sang like Freddie Aguilar and Melai was Nora Aunor. The rest, Nyoy, Edgar Allan, Maxene and Jolina, imitated international singers Michael Jackson, Usher, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga respectively.

Jay-R as Pepe Smith

Melai Cantiveros as Nora Aunor

Edgar Allan Guzman as Usher

Then each of the judges had to assign 1 - 8 points to every performer. If I were to judge them, I would give 1 point to Tutti, 2 pts to Maxene, 3 pts to Nyoy, 4 pts to Jolina, 5 pts to Karla, 6 pts to Melai, 7 points to E.A. and the highest, 8 points to Jay-R.

But here's how the judges scored them:

Tutti - 1 pt, Maxene - 2 pts, Nyoy - 3 pts, Jolina - 4 pts, Melai - 5
pts, Karla - 6 pts, Edgar - 7 pts, Jay-R - 8 pts

Nyoy - 1 pt, Tutti - 2 pts, Melai - 3 pts, Maxene - 4 pts, Jolina - 5
pts, Edgar - 6 pts, Karla - 7 pts, Jay-R - 8 pts

Jolina - 1 pt, Tutti - 2 pts, Maxene - 3 pts, Karla - 4 pts, Melai - 5
pts, Nyoy - 6 pts, Edgar - 7 pts, Jay-R - 8 pts

Now, each of the performers has 3 points to give to just 1 co-performer. Karla gave her 3 to Tutti, Melai gave it to Karla, Maxene assigned it to Edgar, while Nyoy, Tutti, Edgar and Jolina all gave Jay-R their "3".

After all points were combined, Jay-R was the clear highest pointer and was named Celebrity Performer of the Week, winning P100,000.

Jay-R - 36 pts
Edgar - 23 pts
Karla - 20 pts
Nyoy - 17 pts
Melai - 12 pts
Jolina - 9 pts
Maxene - 8 pts
Tutti - 7 pts

Next week, the 8 performers will imitate new set of music icons. Looking forward to Melai as Britney Spears and Karla as Chaka Khan. -

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