Jam Sebastian Dead: Jamich star's touching last message before death

Jam Sebastian of the Jamich loveteam is dead at just 28 after losing battle with lung cancer.

Jam's death has been confirmed by his mother Maricar, and also by his fiancée Michelle Liggayu in their respective Facebook accounts. According to Mrs Sebastian, Jam died at 10:30 this morning, March 4, 2015.

Maricar Fernando Sebastian: "The fight is over we lost the battle my son Jam Fernando Sebastian just passed away 10:30 am march 4,2015."

That's 5 hours after Mich shared on FB early morning today that Jam's blood pressure was suddenly going down, with fast heart rate, high fever and bloated tummy. His mom even posted then photo showing his message for them at that very moment, which would turn out to be his last message before he died: Jam said, "OO LABAN PA."

Last Friday, Jam showed signs of not giving up when he suddenly woke up from a 24-hour sleep and wrote a heartbreaking message.

In her most recent FB post, Mich shared how she is accepting that his boyfriend is already gone, and is hoping to see a happy and healthy Jam in her dream.

Jam Vhille Fernando Sebastian and girlfriend Mich Liggayu, or tha JaMich, quickly rose to fame in 2012 with their Youtube videos of short films featuring none other than but themselves. Their Youtube channel JamichTV has more than half a million subscribers, and 30 of their uploaded videos there reached 1-million views, 6 of which having more than 5 million hits.

After almost a year of battle with Stage 4 lung cancer, Jam died just 16 days before his 29th birthday on March 20.

My deepest condolences to Jam's gf and his family. He's in a happy place now. - Mykiru.ph

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