Jason Dy wins TVOP same day Sarah won SFAN in 2003

Jason Dy is The Voice Philippines Season 2 Grand Winner!

Team Sarah Geronimo's Jason Dy, whose winning song was 'Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin', got 52.94% of the public votes, beating Team Apl's Alisah Bonaobra with 47.06%.

Jason won P2-million cash, a Ford car, a house and lot, a recording contract with MCA Music a business franchise, an Asian tour package and a musical instrument package.

Now you'll be amazed to know that on March 1, 2003, Sarah Geronimo was named the Grand Winner of Regine Velasquez-hosted 'Star for a Night'. 12 years later, it's Jason Dy coached by Sarah G who won The Voice Philippines Season 2.

credit to PBO / ABS-CBN

They're are so meant to be as coach and artist, aren't they?

Finishing behind Jason Dy and Alisah Bonaobra were Leah Patricio from Team Lea and Rence Rapanot from Team Bamboo, who stopped in the Top 4 round.

Jason Dy was also the winner of our blog poll which asked the voters to pick who they want to win The Voice Philippines. However, in the said poll, it was Leah Patricio who ranked 2nd to Jason Dy and not Alisah.

Just a brief background on Jason James Dy: He's a 24-year-old singer, born in Cebu, but grew up in Butuan City. In The Voice Philippines, he is dubbed as the "Haranista Heartthrob". A total package, Jason Dy will surely go places, and be one of the best-selling OPM artists, just like his coach, Sarah G. - Mykiru.ph

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4 Comment(s):

  1. The duet of Charice and Jason was superb but it was Charice who stand out.

    The duet of Sarah and Jason was superb but it was a Sarah stand out.

    The duet of Rence and Bamboo was a duet of good friends, calm and casual.

    The duet of the two leahs, was dramatic but duet of two angry diva, ready to box their enemies.

    Both the Sarah/Jason , Leah/Leah duets were duet of two separate angry teams.

    To me the best duet was that of Alisah and Apple. It was a whole production that tells something about Alisah 's background as a streetvendor. Apple made sure he was able to project Alisah as the star of the show. The par t of Alisah was sweet song not angry. There was wrap,rock and pop all together. Apple congratulations for being able to present a good production.

  2. I hope TV 5 come up with singing competitions for young boys and girls with raw talents and potentials ages from 10 to 18. This will give them a chance to show their God-given talents-innate singing abilities so they can be further develop and grow. MVP Come forward for the challenge. It is unfair to let raw talents compete with professionals.

  3. He maybe good but of course the popularity of his coach made a big difference against Apl de ap.

  4. The show is a very entertaining TV program..it is carefully arranged to match the expectation of the Viewing public. Coaches are so smart with the needed skills and knowledge to determine the best among the participating Artist. Hostesses showed a lot of talent in facilitating the ultimate intention of the Show. The Band or Orchestra is playing up to the best in adding life as the singers sing their songs. Its major contribution to the Philippine History is great,giving a chance for our young boys and girls in the field of Music and entertainment Industry in our country.
    My observation and doubts:
    Votes: a salient point of the program to determine the better among the best. This is an action coming from the general public inviting them to be a part of the show. Somewhat effective and maybe I'm wrong if I will say, need to be review. Especial thanks to Ms. Leah Salonga, Bamboo, Apple, and Ms. Sarah for your effort and commitment in bringing about the life and work of the Show, Mabuhay!