Ed Sheeran Live in Manila concert: Ted Failon asks, "Sino ba siya?"

Ed Sheeran has arrived in Manila, and while the Filipino fans are ecstatic over his arrival, actively tweeting "Welcome To Manila Ed Sheeran", TV Patrol news anchor Ted Failon on one hand said on live TV he doesn't know who he is. The singer probably is just nobody for him, a "nameless" person when he asked "Sino ba si Ed Sheeran?" ("Who is Ed Sheeran?")

Ed Sheeran arrival in Manila (photo credit to @raoulesperas) / Ted Failon as news anchor for TV Patrol (credit to ABS-CBN)

Ed Sheeran, whose sold-out Live in Manila concert is happening Thursday night March 12 at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena, arrived in Manila, Philippines around 5 this afternoon, March 11, and his arrival has been met with controversies.

First, as reported on TV Patrol earlier, Ed Sheeran's companion reportedly blocked a Filipino press member from getting near to the British singer and called him a "monkey". How rude!?!

Second is that "Hu U?" statement by news anchor Ted Failon right after the report about Sheeran's arrival was shown on TV Patrol.

Ed Sheeran is a 24-year-old British singer and composer, who first gained popularity in the UK, before US and other countries, including the Philippines. His popular singles include 'Lego House' and 'Thinking Out Loud', the latter being his massively popular hit around the world.

But in Ted Failon's world, the name Ed Sheeran does not exist. The 52-year-old multi-awarded broadcaster asked co-anchor Noli De Castro, "Sino ba si Ed Sheeran? Sorry ha, pero sino ba siya?" (Who is Ed Sheeran? Sorry, but who is he?)

Noli replied, "Yung kumanta ng Thinking Out Loud." The older anchor, who's already 65, surprisingly knows Ed Sheeran, but not Ted Failon, who perhaps just fired back after hearing that report about Ed Sheeran's companion calling out a Filipino photographer at the airport as "monkey".

And if he is really not familiar with Sheeran, 'coz he's probably got stuck up from old-school music (which is understandable), it would have been better if Ted just kept it to himself, 'coz as a news anchor, he is expected to know everything and be familiar with what's being reported in their news program.

This controversy came 3 months after another TV Patrol news anchor Korina Sanchez got criticized when, in the same program last December, she wished a typhoon (Ruby) heading to the Philippines then to go to Japan instead. - Mykiru.ph

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