'Past Tense' to end streak of Philippine box-office failures?

'Past Tense' opening day is exactly a week from now, and I'm sure producer Star Cinema, the stars and every KimXi fan are already feeling an immense pressure for this Kim Chiu-Xian Lim-Ai-Ai de las Alas movie to succeed in the box-office.

'Past Tense' movie poster

After a string of Philippine box-office failures, it's interesting to know if 'Past tense' could stop the bleeding and end the "unlucky" streak among Pinoy films, which started last August.

The last legitimate local hit was July's 'She's Dating The Gangster' with a huge P254.4-million final gross revenues. After that, no Pinoy film earned above P80-M gross including this month's 'Moron 5.2: The Transformation', which also failed to transform as a bigger hit than the first Moron 5 movie.

Box Office Mojo's latest tally shows that the 2nd 'Moron 5' movie only earned P33.1M after 12 days in theaters. In comparison, 'Moron 5 and the Crying Lady' shown in April 2012 already had P44.5M in just 9 days and went on to a final 16-day tally of P64.6M. 'Moron 5.2, a Wenn Deramas-directed movie, was obviously hurt by being shown against 2 giant competitions from Hollywood: 'Big Hero 6' and 'Insterstellar' which already have respective 12-day grosses of P141.8M and P55.5M.

Will it also hurt that 'Past Tense' is opening 6 days after 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' and on the same day as the animated film 'Penguins of Madagascar'? I'm wishing upon all the lucky stars that it won't allow it to happen. They're of different genre, and with KimXi loveteam having a built-in audience, I hope that all those who watched the P300M-earning movie 'Bride For Rent' will show up once again and watch 'Past Tense' as many times as they can.

I would advise everyone, the KimXiAi fans, to watch the movie on opening day to set the trend. I, my cousins and friends are already booked on Nov. 26 just to watch the movie. Let's all patronize our own and make it a certified blockbuster movie, ahead of those Hollywood releases!

Year-to-date gross for all Filipino films this 2014 is now P1.89-billion, and 'Past Tense' could help it reach P2-billion, before the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) officially starts on Christmas Day, December 25.

1. Starting Over Again - P410.2M
2. Bride For Rent - P327.0M
3. She's Dating The Gangster - P254.4M
4. Maybe This Time - P134.6M
5. Da Possessed - P122.7M
6. Diary Ng Panget The Movie - P119.5M
7. My Illegal Wife - P80M
8. The Gifted - P78.4
9. Talk Back And You're Dead - P76.9M
10. Maria Leonora Teresa - P72.7M
11. The Trial - P56M 12. Moron 5.2: The Transformation - P33.1M (as of Nov. 16)
13. Trophy Wife - P31.1M
14. So It's You - P25.51M
15. Beauty in a Bottle P25.50M
16. ABNKKBSNPLAko?! The Movie - P17.0M
17. Third Eye - P10.2M
18. Dementia - P5.2M
19. Relaks, It's Just Pag-ibig - P5M (as of Nov. 16)
20. Somebody To Love - P4.5M
21. Overtime - P0.97M
22. Mumbai Love: The Movie - P0.5M

Box-office grosses for movies like 'Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina at ng mga Anak' (which starred Robin Padilla), 'Basement', 'Echoserang Frog', 'Once A Princess' (starred Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee and JC De Vera) and 'Dilim' are not available. - Mykiru.ph

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