Bianca Guidotti 's gown blamed for non-placement at Miss International 2014

Bianca Guidotti failed to win the Miss International 2014 crown, or at least make it as a Top 10 semi-finalist last night in Japan.

And just like those Misses Philippines who lost in other pageants, it's either the bad response they gave in the Question & Answer Portion or the awful gown that they wore was being blamed by many. In Bianca's case, it's the latter.

73 candidates competed during the 54th edition of Miss International, and probably, the Filipina contestant Bianca Guidotti carried the heaviest pressure of them all. Last year's winner (Bea Rose Santiago) was from the Philippines and many were hoping for her to bring home a back-to-back Miss
International title for the country, something that never happened in the pageant history.

And even if she didn't win, she was at least expected to continue the Philippines' semi-final streak in Miss International. From Patricia Hernandez in 2008 up to Bea Rose Santiago in 2013, the country consistenly placed at least as a semi-finalist for 6 consecutive years.

Her "Philippines" sash alone already put a big pressure on Bianca, since the Philippines is a beauty powerhouse in Miss International, the most successful Asian country in the pageant with 5 title winners already.

And so the biggest fear of Pinoy pageant fans happened last night at Miss International 2014 finals when no Miss Philippines was called to join the Top 10, something we're already not used to after 6 straight semi-final placement in said pageant, and partly because, we've had the most successful year ever in world pageants last year (6 crown winners, 6 runners-up, 6 semi-finalists and only 2 non-placers but special awardees).

What went wrong? What ruined her chances?

Bianca was considered one of the favorites in the pageant before the coronation night, but many believe that her finale gown should be blamed for her non-inclusion in the Top 10.

Bianca Guidotti competes in her evening gown during the 54th Miss International pageant. (credit to Bb. Pilipinas Official FB)

I understand those people blaming her gown, 'coz it was really awful. Poor gown choice. It didn't show her elegance. It was I think a ball gown more appropriate for a high school prom and even those "sagala" gowns look better than that.

Some are again blaming Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI) for giving another Philippine representative candidate with a cheap-looking, ugly gown.

For sure Bianca herself, who's under Team Aces & Queen, also didn't like that gown. It isn't surprising why she didn't even share a single photo of her wearing such gown in her Instagram account. It's very far from what she wore during the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 pageant.

It also intrigued me why there were only Top 10 semi-finalists despite having 73 entrants, the biggest number in the pageant history. It's the first time in 34 years that only 10 were selected for the semi-finals of Miss International. They usually pick 12 or 15. In the past 5 years alone, there were Top 15.

It's a bad start for the Philippines in major pageants this year, but maybe let's all move on, and stop blaming. We still have 4 major pageants coming up: Miss Earth, Miss Supranational, Miss World and Miss Universe. We still have big chances of winning all those 4 titles. Let's hope for the best things to come.

To Bianca: We're still proud of you for representing the Philippines so well. -

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