Manolo Pedrosa and Janella Salvador as Hiro Mallari & Mitch Bonzo on MMK tonight

Manolo Pedrosa and Janella Salvador pair up on 'Maalaala Mo Kaya' or
'MMK' tonight, September 13, 2014, for a heart-warming episode featuring the love story of Hiro Mallari and Mitch Bonzo.

Manolo Pedrosa and Janella Salvador as Hiro Mallari and Mitch Bonzo (via @MMKOfficial IG)

The said MMK episode with Manolo and Janella as Hiro and Mitch has been drawing lots of excitement from many viewers since it was revealed days ago that the interesting story of love between Hiro
Mallari and the late Michelle Ann Rose Bonzo will be featured in Asia's longest-running drama anthology program.

Hiro and Mitch love story caught the attention of many, after Mitch's death last month. Mitch was one of the 7 Tourism students who died from a field trip tragedy in Bulacan. (Also among them was former 'EB Babe' Maiko Bartolome).

Hiro inspired and touched the hearts of many after posting photos of them, along with his sweet messages, professing undying love for his
late girlfriend.

This particular photo of Hiro and Mitch has so far over 50,000 likes since Hiro made it as his profile pic last August 24.

"7 months ago was the first time I fell in love," said Hiro in one of his posts, sharing that he spent love-filled 327 days with Mitch.

And today, September 13, is supposed to be their 8th monthsary. So Hiro went to her grave to celebrate with her.

Hiro Mallari: "Its our eight monthsary mahal. i can't even imagine what my life would be without you. now i'm dealing with it. I really do miss you a lot, and no words would ever express and explain how much I'm longing for your love and existence. I know i have to face it, i know i have to deal with it. Its easy to say yet the hardest thing to do. Being your boyfriend is the best part of my life, seeing you is the happiest and being with you is the perfect thing i always wanna do. Sorry for being weak at this very moment, for not letting you and for not accepting what happened. I want you to know that my love for you will always be here inside me. You're the best thing that ever happen to me. I MISS YOU SO MUCH, I MISS US MAHAL. Someday, you and I will meet again. And hopefully that day, i see you smiling at me and tell me you miss me. MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA ] i hope you love it mahal ] Michelle Ann

Yes, the MMK episode is airing on their 8th month, and I bet, it's surely going to be one of the highest-rating episodes of MMK.

For stars Janella and Manolo, I'm sure they're more than happy to be chosen to portray Mitch and Hiro in this special MMK episode.

It's already Janella's 2nd time to headline an MMK episode (the first was the "Card" episode with Marlo Mortel last February), while Manolo is getting his big break after Pinoy Big Brother.

Imagine, he's so new but here he is, doing a lead role for MMK, which is a big dream for many young stars out there who are yet to topbill in their own MMK episode.

Hiro Mallari with Manolo Pedrosa (photo posted via Facebook by April Joy Garcia Andres)

Catch Hiro and Mitch Love Story on MMK later, at 8PM, on ABS-CBN. Join the discussion on Twitter by using the hashtag #HiroMitchLoveStoryOnMMK. -
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