Ellen Adarna scandal photos leaked online

Ellen Adarna scandal photos have been leaked online, and are now scattered everywhere.

So don't be surprised if your boyfriend, your male friend, your "kuya" and even your dad already downloaded those Ellen Adarna naked photos and made one as their wallpaper.

Ellen Adarna photo via Instagram (@ellenmgadarna)

The scandal photos show Ellen Adarna fully naked in different poses, which were actually unpublished shots for Esquire Magazine.

Last April, the 'Moon of Desire' star was the mag's cover girl, with her private parts artistically covered in all of her pics in the issue. But the leaked pictures showed everything that's supposed to be hidden.

Yes, Ellen is a sexy star who in an interview said that she's so willing to pose nude for the sake of art, but I think she doesn't deserve what's happening now: all of her are being seen by internet users.

The photos are believed to have been leaked first possibly in websites, mostly blogspot sites, made specifically for those kind of stuff. Who's behind the leak? Is it the magazine, since the photos were taken during their

In its Facebook Page, Esquire Philippines denied any involvement in the leak, and said that they also condemn what happened:

"Esquire Philippines and Summit Media condemn the unauthorized distribution of photographs of Ellen Adarna that were originally taken from a shoot the magazine had staged for its April 2014 edition. She had agreed to be featured in Esquire Philippines with the understanding that no nude photographs taken of her then would be published or disseminated. The recent circulation of such sensitive photos without her (or our) knowledge or consent is in blatant violation of her privacy, and her right to dignity. We share her outrage; we are deeply angry; we will not hesitate to take the appropriate legal action.

The images in question, staged with photographer Jake Versoza, were never used in the magazine itself, and in most cases, were never even in the possession of the magazine. The images we did use from the shoot were treated to make sure any sensitive areas were artfully covered or obscured, as had been the agreement.

It is apparent as well to Esquire magazine that its own rights, as well as that of photographer Jake Versoza, have been infringed. We will take the proper measured action to protect its rights. Most importantly, we urge all not to participate in the dissemination of sensitive images that were not intended for public by the one person whose rights and dignity above all else's should be respected at this time."

If it's not the magazine nor the photographer, then who? Who else were in possession of the photos?

Is the Ellen Adarna leaked photos our own version of the iCloud controversy earlier this month in which naked pics of Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Lawrence also leaked on the internet?

Ellen Adarna already reacted on her leaked scandal photos. On Instagram, she said: "Yesterday I received good and bad news. Today will be a f-ck-ng good day. Moving on... I'll just keep telling myself that in the end everything is gonna be okay, if it's not ok it's not the end (my mantra since 15) #neverfailsme hahaha Have a good day y'all! Good Morning! ️ ""

She's not totally bothered, and taking things positively.

Ellen is one of the celebrity models taking part in Bench "The Naked Truth": The 2014 Denim and Underwear Show" happening this Friday already, September 19.

And with those leaked Ellen Adarna scandal photos, it seems like the naked truth came out earlier. - Mykiru.ph

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